BIRTH by A. J. Cronin — Explanation

by A.J. Cronin

Note to the reader … As you read the story, you might come across portions of sentences written in metaphoric way. These might pose problem in your understanding them. These portions have been underlined and are immediately followed by their meanings typed in red in small fonts.
Introduction to story .. In this excerpt from The Citadel, Andrew Manson, newly out of medical school, has just begun his medical practice as an assistant to Dr Edward Page in the small Welsh mining town of Blaenelly. As he is returning from a disappointing evening with Christine, the girl he loves, he is met by Joe Morgan. Joe and his wife, who have been married nearly twenty years, are expecting their first child.
The story …
THOUGH it was nearly midnight when Andrew reached Bryngower, he found Joe Morgan waiting for him, walking up and down with short steps between the closed surgery and the entrance to the house. At the sight of him the burly driller’s face expressed relief. [In other words, Joe’s face lit up.]
“Eh, Doctor, I’m glad to see you. I been back and forward here this last hour. The missus wants ye — before time, too.” Continue reading