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    • Thank you Gargi. I will surely post the notes. Can you send me the full list of lessons you need notes for?
      Also, read my posts ‘Learning English and History together.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for considering my request.
        I would really like it if you could post notes on the following CBSE X chapters:
        1. Snake by D.H. Lawrence
        2. Julius Caesar by W Shakespear (CBSE version)
        3. Ozymandias by P.B. Shelley

        P.s. Your vocabulary is amazing!

  1. could u please post the summary of princess september byw.somerset maugham…ty…btw ur way of writing is magnificient

  2. Hi satay parkas, I am trying to load the lesson of last leaf which u have posted but it is not coming plz send it to my mail plssss

  3. You surely have a profound vocabulary.
    It would really be kind of you if you can post the paraphrasing of Two gentlemen of Verona by A.J Cronin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It would be very benevolent of you,if you can manage to post the backside answers of the chapters:
    Two gentlemen of Verona
    The frog and the Nightingale
    Mrs.Packletide’s tiger
    The mirror

    • I will surely do. Let me get hold of the text book. As I am neither a teacher, nor a literary figure, I get the book on loan and return it after I finish writing. By the way, which class are you in and do you love English and want to excel in it?

      • I love english,isn’t it the most beautiful language?
        Besides I am In class X.I’ll have my exams on the 15th of this month,so do try to post atleast some of the answers before it.

  5. Hi!
    I have been reading your website for the past two years and it has been immensely helpful for not only school purposes but also in expanding the horizons of my vocabulary. I’d really like to thank you for that.
    So I was hoping that you could post matter related to 11th CBSE chapters too. I understand if your hands are already full with other important posts.


  6. How does the poem mirror justify the personification of mirror?
    What does the story Mrs Packletide’s tiger portray about the Edwardian Age?
    Please post the answer before 18 if possible. Its very important. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey,your blog is such a great help.Thank you so much!
    needed your help for the question:
    What ate the similar traits in Mrs.Packletide,Loona Bimberton and Louisa Mebbin.Elaborate.(Chapter:Mrs.Packletide’s tiger)
    P.S-I love the way you write.You could have been a great literary figure.

  8. please write a letter to the editor of a newspaper relating to the lack of traffic control in the streets of guwahati.

  9. Can you please write the letter:
    The recent earthquake in Nepal has led to complete annihilation and death of thousands of people.You decide to write a letter to the editor expressing your views on the same in 200 words.

  10. Well what I mean is what you felt about the lives being lost,about the collapsing buildings.An insight of your feelings when you heard about the earthquake and the devastation.

      • That reply of mine was not meant for the Nepal post.Sorry for the inconvenience, kindly ignore what I have written.Do post the essay on Paper has more patience than man soon.

  11. Can you please help me write this:
    Write a story in about 150 words on the basis of the given outline-
    An illiterate boy…caught for pick pocketing. ….sent to juvenile prison….forced to do lessons…. becomes rebellious, sullen… French comic film on T.v. during recreation hour…..fascinated by the language. …requests coaching classes. …a French tourist guide today.
    P.S:It is very important,so please do post it soon. The way you write is so good.

  12. Hi!
    Could you please post a few chapters from the 11th standard CBSE textbook “Snapshots” like “The Address” or “Mother’s Day”?
    I hope it won’t cause any inconvenience to you.

    P.S. Thanks a ton for para-phrasing “The Portrait of a Lady” and “We are not a Afraid to Die”.

  13. I need your help to write a notice on the following topic:
    urging the science students to participate in a interschool science exhibition from class 7 to 8.Can you write this by tomorrow.I need to submit it on Monday.
    Can you please write this

  14. Can you please write a notice urging the students of class 7 to 8 to participate in a science exhibition. I have to submit it on Monday.So please write it .

  15. Your vocabulary is really amazing ——- only reason why I look forward to this site.
    Can you please suggest me story books and authors I must read to enrich my English vocabulary and strengthen my learning powers.

    Thank you.

    • I could give you a more precise suggestion if I knew if you are a student or a teacher. Anyway, let me tell you how you can improve your vocabulary.
      a. Read newspapers and magazines like Hindu, Washington Post, New York Times, The Independent etc. Among news magazines read Times, and The Economist. Almost all these are available free as online content. If you have constraints of time, read Hindu and The Independent.
      b. Watch BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera for just about half an hour a day.
      c. Among the books I suggest these. E. M. Forster’s Where Angels Fear to Tread, R. K. Narayan’s and Ruskin Bond’s story books, English translations of Tagore’s writings, Discovery of India by Nehru.

      While reading, pay particular attention to new words and phrases and note them down instantly. Before proceeding further, look up its meaning in either Oxford Online Dictionary or any such source. See their meanings and usages in adjective, noun and verb forms.

      Develop the habit to write something everyday, where you have to make use of the words learned.

      This much should suffice. In case, you need some personalized help, feel free to write to me. Much of my services are free.

  16. Great posts! Would be even more grateful if you add another poem summary to your website- The Doctor’s Journal Entry for August 6, 1945 by Vikram Seth
    Thank you Sir!

  17. I need to answer questions based on a book,Test of my life by Yuvraj Singh. Can you spare some time and get hold of the book?The question is about mentioning the qualities of Yuvraj Singh with reference to the book.I’ve got 15 days for it.

    • No, Sarah, I must disappoint you. First I don’t have the book. Second, my hands are full. Third, I am no great fan of this cricketer.
      Ask me something that takes an hour or two. I will gladly do it.

  18. Please Sir it will take only an hour.I will be really grateful to you.I know you are not interested in cricket but its about the cancer patients and their struggle.

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