Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

NCERT English Class X —-   Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

Para 1 .. Mrs. Packletide’s nature was far from being self-effacing. She wanted to shoot a tiger, not so much for the thrill or a desire to rid India of a menace, but to settle scores with one Mrs. Loona Bimberton, who had won accolades for her trophies in feline hunting. It was an affront to Mrs. Packletide’s vanity. It is not known if anyone else thought so, but for the vainglorious Mrs. Packletide, Mrs. Bimberton’s rise to fame was jarring.
She was bent upon shooting a tiger. The desire was born out of jealousy. She was desperate to outdo her rival Mrs. Bimberton who had recently been flown around for eleven miles by an Algerian pilot for recognition of her hunting acumen. Mrs. Packletide chose to hunt down Nirmod, the tiger whose skin she could flaunt under the glare of a bevy of press photographers’ cameras. The celebration could be followed by a lunch to be hosted by her in her Curzon Street residence ostensibly to felicitate her rival Mrs. Bimberton. Continue reading


Two Gentlemen from Verona

NCERT English Literature Class X – Paraphrasing of the story

Two Gentlemen from Verona

Paragraph1 .. As we drove towards Verona along the foothills of Alps, we were accosted by two youngsters.
Para 2 .. They were hawking wild strawberries. Our driver Luigi was apparently put off by their shabby looks. He tried to dissuade me from buying anything from them.
Para 3 .. His body language was clearly dismissive. Continue reading

The man who knew too much – Relooking Pvt. Quelch

The Man who knew too much by Alexander Baron —Reassessing Private Quelch

Private Quelch, the army recruit around whom the story ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ has been written, is a much maligned person. This story forms part of the English text book in countless schools across the world. Sadly, students and teachers often treat this profoundly learned person of astounding scholarship and boundless energy with mockery, calling him boastful, vainglorious, arrogant, pretentious etc. Continue reading


The Serpent and the Rope by Raja Rao — Story analysis

Reading and enjoying The Serpent and the Rope will be an incomplete effort unless the reader gets to know about the fascinating life of Raja Rao, the author. The footprints of his eventful life that straddles the East and the West are clearly visible in this absorbing novel. Rao had a long journey in life that started in the obscure south Indian town, (then a village) Hassan in the state of Karnataka. His education started in a Madrasha –the orthodox Muslim school where the curriculum is centered around the Holy Quran. Rao majored in English and History from the University of Madras, went to study French literature in Sobborne, Paris. Towards the last stage of his career, he was the Emiritus Professor in Philosophy at the University of Texas in America. Continue reading


The Last Leaf (O. Henry) — Model questions and answers

1. Why did artists flock to the Greenwich Village?

The houses in Greenwich Village had Dutch attics and eighteenth century gables. These offered the ideal setting for budding painters. Apart from this, the rent there was affordable for the painters who were still struggling in their careers. Continue reading


The Last Leaf by O. Henry — Story Analysis

To the west of Washington Square, there is a quarter that has a maze of narrow winding streets which can easily confuse a stranger. The streets crisscross so frequently that a bill collector on his errand would curse himself to find that he has returned to the same point in his quest of the elusive debtor.
This place, known as Greenwich Village, has some modest houses that are available for affordable rents. Budding painters flock to this area as they find the houses with their Dutch attics and eighteenth century gables the ideal setting for their pastime. In the past, many such artists have come here with their wherewithal to set up their studio. The place has become their ‘colony’. Continue reading


A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis (paraphrasing)

A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis

(Learn the underlined words)

Para 1 .. It is a story of 1953. Chuck Hooper was a strong, well-built young man bubbling with energy. Athletic and friendly, he had been a footballer during his university days. Now, he worked for a chemical company as its Zonal Sales Manager. A happy life appeared to lay ahead of this six-feet-one tall man exuding a great zest for life.

Para 2 .. Then tragedy struck. In an autumn evening, he met with a car accident that left him partly paralyzed due to a brain injury. Continue reading