Author: Satya Prakash


College debate — Rohingya crisis

Understanding both sides of the unfolding Rohingya crisis .. Topic of debate .. Should Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi be punished for forcibly evicting the Rohingyas from inside the country? For the motion...


ISC and ICSE English — Language paper

Developing a story .. Opening lines …..It was the last class before the summer vacation. We heard the rumbling sound of bulldozers and earth movers approaching our school. ———————————————————————————.———————————————————————– Curtains come down on our...


The Rat Trap Class XII

The Rat Trap Introduction … This story by the Swedish story teller Selma Lagerlof has an ending that can silence even a diehard cynic to look within and rediscover the sparks of goodness and...