ICSE English — Echo –B. Wordsworth — Explanation

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  1. Roohi says:

    Thank you so much sir

  2. Abhinav says:

    Dear sir,please write a summary and analysis of THE SOUND MACHINE.

  3. Yash Vardhan Goel says:

    What do you think B.Wordsworth and the boy became friends? Discuss the relationship shared by them. (350-400 words)

    Sir please write an answer to this. I have to talr my board exams next week.
    Thank you.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Will write it before 8pm tonight.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      B. Wordsworth and the boy belonged to the same land, but were from two different backgrounds. B. Wordsworth was a rootless man with no tangible aim in life. Quite vaguely, he wanted to be poet, but with no discernible talent. He was, possibly, disillusioned with his life, because he chose to remain a bachelor, and not have a specific means of earning a living. He wanted a friend, but apparently, no one came forward to be associated with such a person.
      The boy was sound in mind and body. He lived with his mother, and was studying in a school. He was neither a tramp, nor rootles. He was growing up normally, but like most youngsters of his age, he was impressionable, and somewhat naïve. He found comfort in the company of a grown-up man.
      B. Wordsworth was looking for fame and acclaim that had eluded him for long. Since, he didn’t have a job, he used to virtually gatecrash into other’s houses. He was good at finding pretexts to get himself invited to other’s houses. But, in all fairness to him, B. Wordsworth was not a wicked person. He had no intent to rob or harm others.
      The boy’s mother was a very dour lady who used to deal with her son very sternly for minor offences. On that fateful occasion, she hurt the boy so badly that the latter had to leave the house in a huff.
      By a quirk of circumstances, the boy, sullen and angry, met B. Wordsworth who had visited his house earlier. The boy wanted solace, and B. Wordsworth wanted a companion. The two met, and the friendship flourished. Gradually, the two began to crave for each other’s company. They met up, wandered around aimlessly, spoke about all trivial matters including the unfulfilled dream of B. Wordsworth to become another Wordsworth!
      B. Wordsworth had a secret that he very much wanted to share with someone else. The gullible, and simple boy was the best person to confide in. B. Wordsworth disclosed his secrets and the simple boy was spellbound in disbelief. B. Wordsworth departed peacefully, leaving the innocent boy with a burden that he would carry all his life.

  4. Yash Vardhan Goel says:

    Thank you so much sir for this. 🙂

  5. Yash Vardhan Goel says:

    Sir I want you to write a personal profile just like this in a different manner and high sounding vocabulary including all the outlines given. (400 words approx.)
    I will we greatly helped by this sir.
    Thank you.

    Model Personal Profile
    aline: personal trails—academic achievements — future plans and aspirations.
    Extracurricular activities and sports — leadership qualities

    I am a confident, optimistic and hardworking person. I always try to set goals and achieve them through hardwork, planning and action. In fact, I have a passion for success and try to be successful in my endeavours. However, I don’t get disheartened with failures, I treat them as stepping stones to success. I try to learn from every failure and move ahead in life, without any grudges. I am good at studies and have always stood first in my class from. Class I to Class X. In my Class X Board Exams, I got the first rank in the State, scoring 98 per cent marks. Besides studies, I participate in almost all the extra-curricular activities ranging from debates, elocution, creative writing, poetry, story telling, quizzing to acting. I have won a number of awards for my school in the Inter-School competitions in these activities. I have been adjudged as the ‘Best Debator’ at the National Level Inter-School Debating competition. I have also been adjudged as the ‘Best Budding Talent’ in the field of story writing. Some of my stories have been published in magazines and newspapers. I am the captain of the Hockey team of our school. We have won the National Level Hockey Championship for the y6ar 2015. Being the captain of the team has been a learning experience for me. What I have learnt from being the captain of the hockey team is how to motivate and encourage others effectively, when situations are not in your favour. I am always concerned about the health facilities available to the masses in our country. This is particularly so because both my parents are medical doctors and have been making efforts to provide free medicines and other facilities to the poor. It was therefore, natural for me to aspire to become a doctor. To achieve my goal, I have joined the Science stream and I am studying meticulously and diligently to be thorough with all the subjects. Still I have a Year for the Entrance Exam to Medical colleges and with the kind of preparation I am making, I am sure that I will get admission in the Medical, College of my choice. After becoming a doctor’ I will go to the villages and serve the poor and needy and try to provide them the medical facilities lacking in our villages. I along with five other friends, have already form a group to help people in the villages. We hope to fulfill our dream of starting a hospital in every village, when we get our degees.
    With determination and hardwork I am sure I will turn all my dreams and aspirations into reality.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      This will not fetch you good marks, because it looks ordinary and very general. Unless I get some specific details about your family, school/college etc. I can’t write a good one.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      If you are born in a poor / low middle class family, begin like this………

      From my childhood, I saw how my mother struggled to make do with my father’s modest income. This made me stoic, and determined. Often my rich classmates flaunt their wealth to prove they are born superior, but such taunts no longer affect me. I have got well past them in practically every activity of school. I have consistently ranked in the top three from Class 5 onwards, and in Class 10, I scored 98.5% in state Board that got me the Chief Minister’s special prize for academic excellence. I am the vice captain of my school’s hockey team, and am an ace penalty shot convertor.
      My school’s joys become mellowed when I reach home to see my mother struggling to do the chores due to her asthma. I help her as much she lets me to. I want to graduate in medicine and work on respiratory diseases. My heart melts when I see a sick man or woman, and all my life, I will work for alleviating the distress of the old and the infirm.
      I am an introvert and try to keep my thoughts to myself. Poetry and history are my passions. I often rue why I didn’t enter the Humanities stream. If I become a doctor one day, I will never abandon these two passions. My parents have shaped my life through their travails, and I will shape the lives of my fellow citizens through my altruistic pursuits.
      If you are born in an affluent family, write like this……………

      God has been very kind towards me. My father is an industrialist, and has provided for each and every comfort of mine. I studied in the best school, but could achieve only moderate success in studies. My parents seldom pull me up for my academic mediocrity, and I really appreciate this.
      My lackluster scores have not impeded my performance in athletics. I am the state level champion in field and track events. My shelf is lined with my medals. I am good in eloquence too, and have got a few prizes in the school.
      I am passionate gardener. The sight of flowers and foliage enchants me. We have a one-acre vacant backyard. I have grown nearly 40 different flowers. I help my neighbors with my expertise in gardening. My school garden has a section for marigolds, and I am its proud keeper.
      I will probably do MBA, because my father wants me to take over from him when he grows old. But, the world of business doesn’t allure me as much as the field and track, and the victory stand do. Alternatively, I may become a floriculturist, although I know I will not earn a hundredth of what my father does today. But, I will follow Robert Frost in taking the path less travelled. My heart lies there.

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