ISC English poem -Reveries -We are the Music Makers

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  1. Liza says:

    Thank you sir . This explanation helped me a lot.

  2. Roohi says:

    Sir thank you so much, can you please post the explanation of the story B Wordsworth?

  3. Gazal says:

    Discuss Art for Art’s sake in the light of the poem’We Are The MusicMakers’.

    Sir if you could please help me out with this in 400 to 450 words.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Wait for a day or two.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Discuss Art for Art’s sake in the light of the poem, ’We are the Music-Makers’.
      Arthur O’Shaughnessy wrote his epic poem Ode of which ‘We are the Music Makers’ is the opening part, followed by ‘And We are the Dreamer of Dreams’. Arthur’s life is full of contradictions. He was a well known herpetologist with keen interest in frogs and reptiles. He was also not an impoverished man who suffered even the slightest deprivation and poverty. Yet, it is remarkable how he understood the trials and tribulations of the section of people among us we call as ‘artists’.

      From the dawn of civilization, from the days ‘Stone Age’ hunter-gathers drew the sketch of animals in cave walls, artists have spontaneously tried to create new pieces of art, like music, poetry, literature, paintings, philosophy etc. No one pushes an artist to engage his mind to draw or compose or write something new, something creative. These humans, like souls possessed, work furtively, away from limelight, and with no regard to personal comforts. At times they go to jail, or even ostracized by society, but nothing deters them. They manage to express themselves, and create timeless pieces of music, literature or paintings.

      The last Moghul emperor Bahadur Shah II was confined to a solitary room in the Andamans, away from the opulence, comfort and grandeur of Delhi’s imperial court, but that indignity and humiliation couldn’t break his poetic instincts. Bereft of pen and paper, he wrote his verses in the prison room walls. George Bernard Shaw, the most celebrated novelist of English literature had first five of his novels turned down by a string of publishers, yet he plodded on. The Dutch painter Van Gough didn’t earn a single penny from his paintings in his life time, although his paintings today fetch crores a piece.

      Did penury, or lack of appreciation deter these great minds –the ‘movers’ and ‘shakers’ of society? No. This is because Art is sublime, and Artists are angels sent by God to enrich our lives. They don’t wait for adulation, commercial profits, or rewards. They are self-driven, and self-motivated. Some restless element within them pushes them to create new life-stirring art forms.

      In conclusion, we must accord a special place in our hearts for the Artists, because they work of Art’s sake, where as rest of us work for the sake of money, or reward or praise. Art for Art’s sake is an idea written in stone – to last till mankind lives on this planet.

  4. Gazal says:

    Thank you sir and please check the mail I have semt you.

  5. ‘Artists are escapists ‘- Critically analyse the poem with reference to the given statement.

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