ISC English -The Spider and the Fly – Explanation

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  1. Aarohi says:

    Thank you so much sir for this effort

  2. Sanskar dugar says:

    Attempt a critical appreciation of the poem Spider and the FLY. ISC 400 words

  3. Rajrani says:

    Please post the essay type questions and answers of this poem

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Can you give me the questions?

      • Sanskar Dugar says:

        Whom do the Spider and Fly represent in society?

        • Satya Prakash says:

          Please wait till 10.30pm tonight.

        • Satya Prakash says:

          Human race has evolved by leaps and bounds from the Stone Age to today. Almost every aspect of social behaviour has changed. There is more cohesion, more sympathy, more fellow feeling and many more such good things. However, the propensity to deceive others for one’s selfish gains has not only increased, but has taken more nefarious forms. Intelligent, but crooked people prey on simple gullible individuals to fleece them of their wealth, freedom, and honour. As tool, they use sweet words, flattery, enticements and deceit. The simple person generally falls for the trap, and comes to immense grief.
          We see numerous such cases amongst us. The wily politicians who make rosy promises to take our vote, the fraudulent finance companies, the counterfeit medicine makers, the spurious goods vendors, all come under this category. They are the Spiders.
          The countless ordinary citizens, the sick and the old, the simple housewives, and the innocent jobseekers belong to the category of the Fly. Thy lose their wealth, dignity, freedom and everything else.

  4. SHREYA GHOSH says:

    Sir I can’t thank you enough for all these beautifully and perfectly crafted summaries of the stories and poems .
    Thank you so much !!

  5. Esha says:

    Your writings help a lot sir. Thank you are a lot.

  6. Viswa Bai says:

    sir can u please post the types of questions only(from tempest,poetry,short stories) which we can expect for ISC 2019

  7. Yash Vardhan Goel says:

    State how the fly Falls prey to the trickery of the spider. How is the poem a didactic one.
    (350-400 words)

  8. Yash Vardhan Goel says:

    Sir can you please writw an answer to this by tonight? All ISC students will be greatly helped.
    Thank you.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      By 4pm or earlier.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      State how the fly Falls prey to the trickery of the spider. How is the poem a didactic one?
      Human beings are born with some weaknesses of mind. Weakness to flattery is one that often makes even very eminent people to make fatal mistakes in their judgments. They come to grief, and realize how they have been tricked, but by then, the damage would have been done. Sages and saints have over the ages, and in all lands, have told their followers to be wary of flatterers. The higher the position of a person in society, the more is the danger of them falling to flattery. Confucius, the most revered philosopher of China had told his people to reward those who criticized them on their face, and rebuke those who praised them. The dangers of deceitful men winning their way to other’s hearts through sweet words have long been known, yet people fall for them losing their wealth, honor, and peace.
      The Spider was an ace flatterer. The Fly was naïve and gullible. The Spider charmed the Fly with its welcoming and warm words, The Fly finally fell to the Spider’s trickery and ended up in the latter’s stomach.
      The tragedy holds very valuable lessons for all of us. Courtiers, lovers, favour-seekers, conmen, etc. lavish praise on their prey with great finesse, and then achieve their wicked objectives. The poem illustrates the dangers of lowering one’s guards against un-deserved praise, and un-solicited goodwill. No doubt, the poem teaches us very valuable lessons of life. One must be wary of people who show unexplained warmth, and shower effusive praise. The Spider and the Fly may be very insignificant creatures of this world, but their story had immense didactic value. England paid a terrible price because Chamberlin, instead of confronting Hitler, tried to placate him by soft words and actions. The demise of so many monarchies the world over happened, because of the wicked-minded courtiers who flattered the monarchs day in and day out. So, let’s never forget the lessons of this didactic short story of the Spider and the Fly.

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