ISC English — Gifts by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Barika says:

    The perfect explanation. I was searching for somethong like this. Thanku for posting this article.❤

  2. Kunal says:

    Just need answers of this

  3. Adrita Das says:

    Sir could you please write the explanation of Desiderata Max Ehrmann?

  4. Ant man says:

    Sir could you give explaination for CANDIDA

  5. Pranjal rai says:

    Best explanation sir.

  6. Akshat Kabra says:

    Sir great explaination of the essay. Sir can you also provide explaination of “On the art of living with others” By Sir Arthur Helps within one week. Plzz sir I need it as soon as possible

  7. Chandni says:

    One of the best best explanation. thank you sir

  8. Will you please write the summary of On the Choice Of Profession by Robert Stevenson?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I will write it. Please let me know which class/ year and what course are you studying. That will help me to moderate my writing.

  9. Jyotsana says:

    Literally useful

  10. Unconventionalite says:

    Hey can you provide a critical analysis of attitude by Margaret Atwood? Thank you

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