ISC English –The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

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  1. Jhanvi says:

    please write a summary for we are the music makers/ode by Arthur Shaughnessy

  2. A.P.Kamesh says:

    Sir I have a doubt why does Ms.Millard die is it due to happy fact that her husband has returned or she just realized that she cannot be happy anymore because of her husband had returned and her dream of living a independent life will not be fulfilled.
    Or is there any other reason.
    Your help is appreciated .

    • Satya Prakash says:

      It is the second reason. In a matter of a few moments, her desire of finally being able to lead a carefree life in her own individual way got dashed. It was too rude a shock for her to bear. She had heart problems earlier and that made her vulnerable to emotional shocks.

      • SHREYA GHOSH says:

        Sir ,
        why does the doctors say that she died of heart disease – of joy that kills ?

        • Satya Prakash says:

          For the lady, the unexpected appearance of her husband was a rude shock that pulverized her reverie in moments. She realized her dreams of living a life on her own had vanished, and the drudgery and the drag of a domineering husband would characterize her life again. The shock was to much for her. She had cardiac problems earlier, and the the sight of her living husband was too unbearable for her free-wheeling spirit, and her frail body. She died of shock. Quite paradoxically, seeing her husband alive should breathe new life to a widow, but in this case, it snuffed the life out of her. The doctor correctly diagnosed her as having succumbed to heart attack.

  3. nnnnn says:

    is it millard or mallard

  4. Nikki says:

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  5. Sanskar Dugar says:

    1. The Story of an Hour does not trace Louise’s repression, but her reaction to her husband’s death says it all. Discuss(Marks-20) (Isc)
    2.Discuss the appropriateness of the title of Kate Chooin’s The story of an Hour.(Marks-20)(Isc)

    Sir can you write these two answers. It would be of great help

  6. Adrita Das says:

    Sir can you write the answers of the following questions-
    1.The story of an hour does not trace Louise’s repression but her reaction to her husband’s death says it all .Discuss.
    2. Discuss the appropriateness of the title of Kate choppin’s short story ‘The Story of an hour’.
    Each question is of 20 marks with word limit of about 350 to 400.
    Please write it soon. Thank you.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I hesitate to write such answers because I am not a teacher. My answers may not fetch you marks. You haven’t told me hw my earlier answers benefited you.

  7. Adrita Das says:

    Sir, your answers were really helpful and it really fetched me good marks. My teachers too appreciated those answers , so please don’t hesitate to write. And once again ,thank you very much for all your efforts.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      1. The Story of an Hour does not trace Louise’s repression but her reaction to her husband’s death says it all. Discuss.
      Traditionally, men have dominated women in society by denying them the freedom to express themselves and unravel their inherited talents. The same domination extends to family life, where it is the husband who calls the shots, and the wife follows, though often reluctantly. It happens in both Eastern and Western societies, though the degree might differ. In certain unfortunate cases, wives are so deprived of their basic freedom that for them it becomes life condemned to life-long slavery, and deprivation.
      We feel repelled to see how in certain Muslim societies, wives are treated as material, lifeless tools of pleasures. Such subjugation of the ‘better half’ might appear abhorrent to many, but if we see the stifling sense of loss, and suffocation Mrs. Mallard endured all her life, we feel disturbed and distraught. For her free-wheeling, free-flying spirit, marriage had brought agony and sorrow. Like a trapped bird, she led her wife’s life bereft of any liberty or any recreational escape.
      Louise Mallard was a wife with no opinion, no freedom, and no choice. She lived on, unaware of any change, if ever, would come during his life time. Apparently, the subordination to her husband’s wishes consumed here relentlessly, inflicting a thousand cuts on her body and mind enfeebled by a weak heart. The unexpected news of his death came as a deliverance from the perpetual misery of living life like a caged bird. She was relieved, and elated, beyond belief. The loss of her husband meant unbridled freedom to do things she liked, go to places she loved to visit, and be a person on her own terms. It was a bonanza. Widowhood had opened the gates to a life of liberty.
      Kate Chopin cleverly has kept the reader in the dark about Mrs. Mallard’s marital woes. Rather, she has portrayed the few minutes she sat on her comfortable chair overlooking the rain-swept trees, the winding road, and the tranquility as her life’s happiest moments. No sorrow, no loss, no insecurity could touch her during that time of extreme euphoria.
      Kate Chopin catches the readers unawares, but the sudden turn of events of her story unveils the tragic married life Mrs. Mallard lived.

  8. Adrita Das says:

    Thank you sir. Please write the second answer also.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      2. Discuss the appropriateness of the title of Kate Chopin’s short story ‘The Story of an Hour’.
      In a very short span of just an hour, tumultuous events happened that upended Mrs. Mallard’s life bringing it to a fatal anti-climax. First, she got to know her ‘oppressive’ husband had died in a train accident. In the next moment, instead of grieving as most wives would do, she flew into a fantasy world conjuring up a ‘free’ life. She felt she would live her life on her own terms, with no entanglements, no chains. She could roam around, do things she liked and enjoy life to its full.
      But, the Heavens ordained otherwise. Her husband was alive. Some namesake had died. The husband returned home.
      The euphoria vanished as fast as it had come to grip her. She was again going to be ‘caged’ bird, doing mundane chores day in day out. The shock was too much for her, especially because of her cardiac history. She left for her Heavenly abode.
      The story begins, and ends in a space of about an hour. It has taken everyone in the family by surprise. For the countless readers of the story, the abrupt turn of events in a space of an hour, is a sad and shattering experience. Mrs. Mallard deserved everyone’s sympathy, and her death plunged all the readers to sorrow. The end came dramatically. The story is short, but it leaves a lasting feeling of sorrow in everyone’s mind. For this reason, the title “The Story of a Hour” is befitting, ad cleverly chosen.

  9. Adrita Das says:

    Thank you sir for your answers. I really appreciate your efforts. I would like to know about your life history……like ,from where you graduated?…….your current job…….. etc. I read somewhere that you train students for JEE. If so , do you have any institute or do you teach online? Please do reply……and once again thank you for such selfless efforts.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I graduated from IIT, Khargpur.I am 72, retired, physically handicapped, and confined to my home. Yes, Physics, Math are my pet subjects, although I take interest in English and Current Affairs. I coach students for JEE and CS and donate all my income as charity. I sponsor economically disadvantaged rural boys and girls to study, excel, and get jobs. I live in Bangalore.

  10. Adrita Das says:

    Once again, thank you sir, and sorry for disturbing you every now and then. Please don’t mind. It is only for your efforts that I scored good marks in English in ICSE 2018. Thank you for the answers and sorry for troubling you a lot.

  11. Aarohi says:

    Can you please write “The spider and the fly” by Mary Botham Howitt

  12. Aarohi says:

    Please write “The spider and the fly ” by Mary Botham Howitt

  13. Aarohi says:

    I am studying in ISC class 12th

  14. ammu says:

    I’m a teacher myself.
    Your answers are spot on.
    Thanks a ton!

  15. Sir,please tell me why Mrs.Mallard became happy after hearing the news of his husband’s death is he used to torture her ?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Mrs. Mallard never used her married life, because her husband was a very domineering type of person who had curtailed all normal freedoms of wife. She was, on the other hand, fond of a free-wheeling life that gave her freedom to do things she liked. This mismatch caused her great misery all her life with her husband. She desperately wanted an escape, the information about her husband’s death brought her some reprieve that she very much wanted. So, instead of being sad, she became happy.

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