ISC English ..Quality by John Galsworthy

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  2. Liza says:

    Thank you so much sir

  3. Malika says:

    Thank u sir …. This has helped me understand the story better and frame my answers well

  4. A.P.Kamesh says:

    great work sir
    This will help me score better in my English exams.

  5. Mahika says:

    Is Fritz a spirit

  6. arundhathy says:

    i like the content.
    please provide some questions that could be asked.

  7. Faiza Khan says:

    Nice summary

  8. Jayesh Sharma says:

    Thank you sir, for dedicating your time towards this wonderful summary of the story, it really helped to me to get a brief lookout of the story and understand it. 🙂

  9. Nikki says:

    Sir,can u help us out with poems as well . It will be appreciated, thanks for the effort you put in to help us out 😊😁

  10. Faith says:

    What is the moral lesson of the story??

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Dedication to a noble cause is a very good trait, but it has to be pursued within the limitations of worldly existence.

  11. raghav says:

    sir thank you for for sharing your immense knowledge. and really helps me a lot . but sir please provide the critical analysis of the story quality.

  12. raghav says:

    sir thank you but please provide the critical analysis of the story quality.

  13. King says:

    Nyc sir thank you this will help me to score some better marks

  14. Adrita Das says:

    Please write the character sketch of Gessler brother as soon as possible.

  15. Adrita Das says:

    250 to 300 words

  16. Rohit says:

    U do a great job bro i scored marks due to ur essays

  17. Adrita Das says:

    Please write it soon.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Sketching the Gessler Brothers …
      In both breed and creed, the two Gessler brothers were truly unique. They were artisans, par excellence, but their single-minded dedication to quality and customer satisfaction bordered on eccentricity. With total abhorrence to profit, mass manufacturing, economy of scale, and advertising (the bywords of modern business), the two struggled to flourish, make money, and be recognized as master shoe makers. As per modern industrial yardsticks, the Gessler brothers were total failures, but, somehow, they managed to defy all the ignominy and difficulties that ensnarled their lives. Safety, comfort, and long lasting ability were the hall marks of the bespoke shoes they made for their small number of devoted customers. They scoffed at the one-size-fits-all shoes mass produced and sold under big brand names. For them, comfort and durability of shoes were paramount, not the flashy labels and the big brand names. In the heart of the fashionable high street of London, they made their shoes by their deft hands deriving immense satisfaction, but paltry profits. They unhesitatingly took back shoes if the slightest defect was seen even after long use by the customer. Modern business ethics has no place for unlimited lifelong warranty.
      The two brothers were Germans. This partly explains their passion for quality. Like the great Tolstoy who made shoes with his own hands for his recreation, the Gessler brothers made shoes with their own hands to demonstrate to the world that shoe-making is an art and a craft meant only for the rarest of hands sent by God to the world. One of the two brothers died of over-work and possibly under nourishment, but, for Glassworthy, he left behind a shoe-making legacy, the like of which mankind will always cherish, but can rarely replicate.

  18. Adrita Das says:

    Thank you sir for the answer.

  19. Wayward says:

    Sir thank you for the wonderful analysis . Also can you please help me reflect the emotional bond between the Gessler brothers and the narrator . Please sir .🙏🙏

    • Satya Prakash says:

      The narrator was obviously a customer with a soul and a conscience. He understood the honour, satisfaction, and sense of fulfilment that go with dedicated manual work. The Gessler Brothers were artisans of the most exceptional caliber, who had perfected the art of making customized shoes. They were brutally honest in their dealings with their customers, and readily owned up and compensated for the minutest flaw in their shoes. Such astounding committment to customer satisfaction bemused and startled the narrator. Being a somewhat self-effacing person, the narrator appreciated the humility and modesty of the Gessler Brothers. He had carved a special place in his heart for the shoe-maker duo. In essence, although the Gessler Brothers got lost in the glitz and glamour of London’s high street, the narrator held the two brothers in high esteem and reverence.

  20. Anupama says:

    Cannot expect for better summary.
    Your dedication for helping us inspires me to do great things. You write big answers , without having any problem. You clear everyone’s doubt. You are sure to get blessings….

  21. Soumya says:

    Sir,I am greatly indebted for your answers…can you help me with an another question…The question states is quality an appropriate title for the story

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Whenever requesting a write-up, specify the word limit.
      Answer .. The title ‘Quality; is surely an apt one, because this story revolves around an eccentric artisan’s extreme dedication to ‘quality’. Gessler brothers survived in this treachrously commercial world because they were driven by their dedication to quality. But, the artisan barely survived, and possibly died of exhaustion and poverty. His craft consumed him. It sounds so tragic that a master craftsman of such skill died so miserable a death. Had the world been a bit more sensitive to the preeminence of quality, the two brothers would have earned name and fame. Sadly, the world didn’t even look at them.
      ‘Quality’ fits the title well. However, other titles such as, ‘A German shoemaker’s singular skill’, or ‘The tragic end to a master shoemaker’ can also be considered for the story.

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