ISC English literature -Fritz by Satyajit Ray

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  1. Kushagra Shukla says:

    The Best Story To Be Read

  2. Sarmi says:

    Well organised and well explained.

  3. shivangi says:

    can i please get the answers ?? i have my exam soon and i’m not able to get the proper words and the sequence in which i should answer these questions. I’ll be nice of you to help me with this. thanks 🙂

  4. ankur says:

    someone please help me getting the answer of a question-
    how did satyajit ray tried to play with human pshycology by his story fritz???
    pls someone help me..u can even mail me …

  5. Shikha Mishra says:

    Wonderful language. Can I have the solution of workbook here😃

  6. Zaara says:

    can someone please help me with the question:-How apt is the title of the story Fritz?.The answer doesn’t require any specified limit.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Fritz started his journey in a nondescript artisan’s workshop in a remote village in Sweden till it ended in a shallow grave under a tree in a circuit house in Bundi in Rajasthan. For a long time, he was befriended, adored, fawned-over by Jayanto. Then his life ended in a grisly encounter, when stray dogs ripped its supple body apart. For Jayanto, it was the loss of a very dear friend who lived in flesh and blood and proved to be a companion with a soul. Fritz departed from this mortal world, but never left its abode in Jayanto’s heart. Fritz visited his old friend during his later sojourn to Bundi and stay in the same old circuit house where it was fatally attacked by dogs. When Fritz came out of his grave, he showed his old friend Jayanto that he was still alive.
      The gripping story would have become lifeless without Fritz. So, naming it after Fritz is so apt and intelligent.

  7. Yash jaiswal says:

    1.What may be the possible end of the story fritz?
    2.Is fritz a horror story or a funny story?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Answer to 1 .. The discovery of human remains in the tattered body of Fritz hits both the friends like a thunderbolt. They rush back to their rooms. Unable to fathom he sight of a mutilated Fritz, Jayanto falls sick. He finds it hard to breathe, and his body quivers. The author is affected far less. He calls in a doctor who administers tranquilizer injection to Jayanto, and advises the duo to go back to their homes at the earliest. At considerable inconvenience, the author brings his friend back. It takes months of psychiatric counselling for Jayanto to regain his normality.

      Answer to 2 ..It is horror story with a tinge of fun.

  8. Megha Suresh says:

    how is fritz an unusual horror story and show how Satyajit Ray create horror out of inanimate objects?

  9. Barika says:

    Love all of ur articles…❤❤

  10. Aadi says:

    There is some error in the Summary of Fritz:
    First of all the cooks name was Dilawar not Dilwer and secondly he was the cook at the time of Jayanto’s Father’s stay at Bundi.
    Please make the necessary changes!

  11. Kaustubh Shukla says:

    It was very helpful

  12. Sourjya Mukherjee says:

    Please can you give me the answer to this question – ” Fritz belongs to the genre of the macabre and the paranormal “

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Wait for day or two, but my answer may not be to your teacher’s liking.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      The author has brought Fritz from far-off Switzerland, and makes it befriend Jayanto with remarkable warmth that only humans are capable of. Fritz makes its place uin Jayanto’s heart. The bond seems un-shakable, till Fritz meets a gory end when a pack feral dogs rip it apart. Like a human being, it is buried. The author’s imagination has run wild from this point. The transformation of a innocuous toy to a mini human skeleton is bizzare and outworldly. How can the ordinary remains of a stuffed toy become a small-sized human skeleton? This defies explanation. Did Fritz have life? Wasit a human in flesh and bones? Conjuring such an idea is very unsettling. So, it will be apt to term the story f Fritz macabre and paranoral.

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