If Thou Must Love Me by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  1. Sobhan says:

    Sir, please write the analysis of The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel.
    ICSE exams are round the corner. So, please write soon.

  2. Aditya says:

    Sir awesome liked this so much u helped me a lot plss pray to god that my tommorrows english literature must go well

  3. Swati says:

    Sir,to what creature poetess compare herself and why?

  4. adarshpriya says:

    Hi! I read your posts and was inspired a lot. Can you please tell me something about you? I’d like to write an article on you and your work. Thanks

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you, Adarshpriya for your kind sentiments. I am just an ordinary man, 70 years old, physically handicapped, retired man with not even a bachelor’s degree in English. I will however be interested to learn about you.

      • adarshpriya says:

        Ah well! Love for the language breaks barriers of subjects and degrees. Helping students through this social work is amazing!
        So little about me: I’m a teen who has switched on from city to city, lived under a superficial bubble. Now that I’ve shifted to a small village in HP, this superficial bubble i used to live in, has burst. So I tuition the village kids, voluntarily teach in a school, teach designing to the women and of course, do some kinda photography, reading, writing and scores of other activities.
        Many thanks

  5. adarshpriya says:

    but anyway, homeschoolers like us get inspired from you! I’d suggest something though: you could write articles for newspapers like The Hindu(?) I mean you’re totally into current affairs and possess commendable knowledge over these subjects. Sometimes, of course, we don’t want to write commercially, but that could help the aspirants and the poor children. All these years, i have tried to write a lot. However, i could never get it published because in the small village of Kinbari one can’t get a Macbook repaired. I will, as soon as it gets repaired. So you may try it out someday. And perhaps for the outlook as well. my dad writes for outlook so i can get you the emails of the editors and stuff like that

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I really appreciate your kind words. I am curious to know how such passion for writing grew in you. Send me any recent writing of yours.

      • adarshpriya says:

        Ahaa! I do write frequently but since my mac got some software problem, I couldn’t post it anywhere. I don’t really write lengthy pieces, but small haiku kinda poetry. Wait I’ll share a few:

        Like all seasons, she blooms and dies, laughs and sighs, with lively but knowing eyes

        She liked strangers, She let them come and go.
        She liked to be the the person no one would ever know.

        A house not home
        no heart or soul
        just a pile of bricks you own

        She wears strength and darkness equally well,
        the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

        She wore a thousand faces, all to hide her own

        Small captions that i write with Instagram pictures

        • Satya Prakash says:

          I read and re-read it your haiku compositions with great pleasure. I will soon show it to my best English literature student. Great job!

  6. adarshpriya says:

    Thanks! There are a few more: Her dark heart was the only passage to the light in her eyes; She needed someone to rest her wings on, not tear them away; Soul trapped in her silhouette, her words caged in their world; All these might sound very futile without the pictures i click. These are mere captions. So maybe you would want to see the pictures! Anyway, i also write some for my blog. HERE is one:
    Where the mountains meet the sky, city lights are fireflies.
    Diving deeper in to the night, she writes endless thoughts with tired eyes.
    Fingertips waltzing across the keyboard, telling stories that were never told.

    [An old man’s brilliant smile, daydreams of a timid child.
    Unwanted shrubs, forgotten flowers that lay under the dirt after unusual showers.]

    Caught by a click, a snap of her camera, the words and thoughts of a moment, in a stanza.
    She steadies her shaking hands and looks at the world, through a tiny screen; in a single glance.

    [A playful wooden plank, chubby momo making hands; chocolate and tea, smoke and greed.
    White waters, daring rafters; mighty woods and hidden laughter.]

    She captures life, seen through her eyes.
    The trip she had taken, though alone, her words and pictures will carry you along

    So have a good read:) Thanks!!

  7. Geetha says:

    Aww u r reallyyy great !!!! Thank you sooo much sir ..No words to Thank you…tis helps my son a lot …if possible pls help me out for hindi too…Nayaraastha and ekanki sanchay notes sir,as we r south pples facing much difficulties learning hindi..Adarsh priya ur works too jus an aww job! Both u pples stay blessed

  8. Harsh says:

    Sit please tell meaning of. Trick of thought in if thou must love me

  9. Dev says:

    Can u please give the explanation to the professor poem by nissim ezekiel

  10. Mrinalini says:

    Sir I think this analysis is the best of its kind.So my earnest request to you is to keep helping the students like us, and stay blessed.

  11. Shiv says:

    Sir , how does the poetess want to be loved?

  12. yatha says:

    Sir, not only am I grateful for all this excellent work, I feel so inspired by you, thank you so much and lots of wishes. This is one of the only few sources where I could truly understand the poem and appreciate it, that was so essential.
    Best day to you 🙂

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