Digital Divide — What is it?

Digital Divide

Computers, Smartphones, Laptops, Broadbad internet access have made heavy inroads into our daily lives. As a result, communication, data access, funds transfer and many such educational, economic and business-related functions have become instant, efficient, and extremely cheap. As a result, farming, manufacturing, trade, education, scientific research, education etc. have undergone very radical transformation in large parts of the world. Ease of internet access has become the new yardstick of the development of a village, or town.
Sadly, large parts of the world, including India, have not yet been embraced by the talisman of the internet. As a result, life remains slow, and primitive in these areas.
The gulf that divides the internet-savvy communities from the internet-deprived ones is called the ‘Digital Divide’. Happily, the gulf is shrinking as more and more areas are coming under the internet and the speed of broadband increases making use of computer-aided devices more gainful.
India still has villages in the rural hinterlands that are considered digitally ‘dark’. Let’s hope PM Modi’s digital push bears fruit fast.

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