Yellow Pillow

Yellow Pillow

Author … Rhea Kanuparthy, a Class 6 student in United States

The glass shelf housing me was a formidable foe, as I searched upwards for anything different around me. This was my normal routine, a ritual I performed religiously. I have been here for a long time, so long that my hopes to ever find a loving friend were almost diminished to the point of nonexistence. I waited as the joyful cheer of children faded away, waited as the lights blinked off and as the eternal darkness approached me only to be broken again in mere hours. Every time that I heard a child walk by, ignoring me and my kin, I looked down self-consciously at my fuzzy, yellow skin and soft figure. I wondered what monsters they saw in me, what made me so repulsive to them. My self esteem degraded every time they left me there. What I didn’t know was that that was all about to change. Two gentle but calloused hands reached down. Excitement flared inside me. Would they take me home? The hands enveloped me in a way that radiated pure love, not towards me but towards the child that they were thinking about. I was finally going to have a family.

The road was blocked by a strange white wall, nothing like the shelf that was no longer my home. It was shiny and had weird shapes on it. “Silverspoon”, it wrote out in curly lettering. The drive was bouncy and hard, but even the turmoil that swirled in my stomach could not detract from the pure elation that bubbled from underneath the warm fabric that held me together. I moved out of a strange machine that the human called a car to a room with the most jovial sounds I have ever heard. I was set down, and the rustling of that strange white wall was deafening. Two tender hands with skin much softer than the last hands pulled me out and cuddled with me with a passion that I had never felt before. It was love and I was finally home.

Everyday those same hands held me, played with me and showed me more attention than everyone else combined. I learned that her name was Rhea and those other hands were her grandmother’s. Rhea couldn’t leave me and her parents were forced to get that extra seat for me or to make sure we are together no matter what. When she learned about birthdays, she even gave me one! Her mother didn’t like us taking over Mother’s Day for that too much. One time, they even gave me a cake. Rhea became the best and only friend I had, her black, curly hair entwined with love and affection. She continued to love me forever, but it was never the same.

She started something called school, someplace where you learn. At first, I was excited for her to able to do new things and she made sure that her mother took care of me. She still held me with that same love and affection, but other things were always on her mind. She never plays with me in the same way and her mother finally got her to “ understand” that Mother’s Day wasn’t an appropriate time to celebrate my birthday, though Rhea does anyway. I know that I am her best friend still, she has said that several times, but I still miss the way things used to be. Though things have changed and no doubt will change again, she still holds me close both in her sleep and in her heart. I got my wish of a loving family and I hope I stay in their wonderful embrace forever. If you ever see her after you hear this, tell her that I miss her and love her. Also, tell her that I am waiting for her on the bed and I hope she never lets me go.


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