Of Revenge by Francis Bacon — Explanation

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  1. Saleha Shahid says:

    Thank you so much for your support in preparing this essay. It is really nice. I am not a critic so I can’t give critical analysis of this. You know I have to find critical analysis of bacon essays on Google. 😞😃😂

  2. Naima says:

    Thank you sir its really really really usefull

  3. Sujatha says:

    Thank you…. very very useful

  4. Bhavani says:

    Thank u for giving this wonderful notes

  5. Rohitashmaharia says:

    Thanks sir its very usefull for me

  6. Rajni says:

    It’s too gud sir..Thnkx for the help.

  7. mahima says:

    its so nice n helpful but plz provide the explanation of “of love” .

  8. Vinita says:

    Thanks Sir its really very useful
    for us plz provide critical appreciation .

  9. Amrit says:

    Thanks A Lot Sir….Great Effort

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