Odisha State Board English — The Cancer Fight – from Hiroshima to Huston

The cancer fight, from Hiroshima to Nagasaki
Think it out 1…
1. The atomic bomb explosion by the U.S. on Hiroshima in 1945 and the deadly aftermath of radiation exposure made it a part of the world history.
2. The three traumatic events of Ritsuko’s childhood were the death of almost half of her relatives including her father & Sadako Sasaki, her closest friend, and finally, the fact that she grew up in the shadows of the killer radiation unleashed by the bomb explosion.
3. Ritusko was devastated by the tragic loss of her near and dear ones. At the same time, she became determined to understand and fight cancer.
4. Dr Komaki’s specialization is proton-based radiation therapy.
5. She is famous for her extensive research in the safe and most effective proton radiation beam therapy.
6. For oncologists, the effective proton radiation beam therapy is the safest yet the most effective way of therapy available today.
7. Komaki prefers university over private institutions when it comes to her work and research as she firmly believes that pioneering cancer treatment work is done very efficiently and rigorously in a university. Private clinics and hospitals lack the manpower and organization to vet the patients and conduct and monitor treatment on patients.
8. Dr. Komaki likes to teach as she is keen on propagating her new ideas and findings among many more number of cancer doctors.
9. Komaki is a dedicated and pioneering cancer doctor. She is keen to find ways to alleviate the sufferings of cancer patients. For a person of such missionary zeal, money is much less than conducting path-breaking research.
10. Her mission in life is to develop new and effective means to cure cancer and pass on her skills to as many new doctors as possible, so that doomed cancer patients get a new lease of life.
11. “She no longer fears it”- means that she no longer fears the deadly disease of cancer.
12. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, & photon therapy were used for treating cancer before proton therapy got added to the cancer surgeon’s array of tools for treatment of the disease
13. Initially, Komaki learnt that surgery was the only recourse for both the doctors and patients to combat cancer. She came to know about the efficacy of radiation later.
14. In the U.S., she came to learn about the revolutionary proton therapy.
15. She learnt that localized radiation treatment was less harmful than the chemotherapy. She also realized that it was un-focused nature radiation that caused so much collateral damage to the patient’s body.
16. Komaki and her husband started proton therapy in the Anderson Cancer Center by pushing the same unit they had in Houston.
17. The advent of proton therapy happened in 1954.
18. Komaki’s expertise on proton therapy holds immense promise for future of cancer cure and research. It would prove to be a giant stride to alleviate the sufferings of and even cure cancer patients.


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