ICSE English Literature .. Journey by Night –full explanation

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  1. harshi says:

    spelling was wrong on the laldwani please chek the spelling of this.

  2. SHUHAS says:


  3. Aadeesh jain says:

    When u will post full story.

  4. kris says:

    where is the full explanation, you have written that there is full explanation but there is only half

  5. Ishika Kundu says:

    Please post some questions and answers related to the story.

  6. Aastha Agrawal says:

    Sir, this is a probable question for the ICSE 2017. Not much time is left, so please hurry its completion. On the same vein, please post the analysis of the poem ‘The Proffesor’ by Nissim Ezekiel also.

  7. jash says:

    where is the other half of explanation. someone told you this in october but still no action. you should do better than this

  8. Regina Phalange says:

    Where’s the rest of the story??

  9. seema says:

    will it be posted anytime soon?

  10. Rosebino says:

    i need full story

  11. Durrah Siraj says:

    Anyone has the answer to ,
    What does the phrase ” since the beginning of the world ” signify ?

  12. Kritika says:

    Pls also include analysis and topics of project, it’s dam helpful

  13. Mustafa bond says:

    This is an awesome story how the brother👨 saves a brothers life 🙎👨

  14. siddhi says:

    The glimmer of home lay in his being transported to the nearest hospital at Kalaghat, quite a distance away. —what does this statement means

    • Satya Prakash says:

      A small amount of home for the sick boy’s treatment and recovery was there if he could be taken to the hospital located so far away.

  15. thomas says:

    sir I want even some information about author norah bruke please

  16. ronald jr says:

    can u add …what moral we learn from this story….
    a detailed one will be very helpfull…..our ICSE 2018 project is depending on it…

  17. Sumit kisku says:

    In this story the sher Singh saved his brother life by giving his life in danger mean’s that he love his brother too much and he saved his brother life crossing many danger things.

  18. Brinda says:

    Can you paraphrase class 12 NCERT CHAPTERS?

  19. Brinda says:

    The tiger king by Kalki.
    The last lesson by Alphonse Daudet
    Aunt Jennifer’s tiger by Adreinne Rich.
    My mother at sixty six by Kamala Das.

  20. Brinda says:

    I have a test on 14th so please help me with atleast one by then.Thank you.

  21. Brinda says:

    Thank you so much!Your notes have been a great help to me.

  22. ak says:

    Theam of the story?

  23. nimrah says:

    how many words is the story?

  24. Prajwal says:

    It is given that only Sher singh and kunwar are the only two children but you have mentioned that there were two sons younger than sher singh. Can you please tell me who is the other son?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      No, Prajwal. Sher Singh and Kunwar are the two sons of Sher Singh (father). When I say, ‘Sher Singh was the elder of the two, I mean Sher Singh (1) and Kunwar (2).

  25. Anushka Nayak says:

    I had some problems with the poem inchcape rock and the story journey bx night

  26. Adrita Das says:

    Sir please post some question answers on this chapter. This chapter is very very important for icse 2018. The explanation is good but if you manage to write at least 4 to 5 question answers then it will be a great help . Please write some question answers on this chapter and post it soon . Exams are from 26th. Please sir! It’s urgent!

    • Satya Prakash says:

      O.K, Adrita, I will write it, but I have problems with the ‘Key Word’ centric evaluation of answers. I am in total disagreement with the idea that more key words in the answers should fetch highr marks. I feel this stifles good English writing, although it makes the job of the evaluators much easier.So, I will not use any ‘key word’. Instead, I will write it in my way. Ask your teacher if they are open to this mode of writing answers.

  27. Adrita Das says:

    Sir ,please post the answers soon.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I give sample answer. Show it to your teacher. If she aooroves it, I will write answers for more questions.
      Question 1
      Describe the state of mind of Sher Singh(Junior)’s mother when she asked him to carry the ailing Kunwar to Kalaghat.
      Answer .. Her husband was away, and Kunwar, her younger son was battling for life. He had to be carried to the hospital at Lalaghat if he had to have some chance to pull through. Between her hut, and the hospital stood miles and miles of forest and two treacherous streams. Beasts roamed the forests. She had no money, and no resources, except her grit, hope, and the tenacious instincts of a jungle woman. She couldn’t see Kunwar perish, nor could she push Sher Singh to undertake the journey through the foreboding forest carrying Kunwar’s load. She was distraught, but determined. Fighting off despair, and refusing to cower before adversity, she asked Sher Singh to take Kunwar to the hospital, so far away on that fateful evening.
      No mother on earth would dare to confront the danger that stared her in her eyes, but with remarkable fortitude, she took her decision and let her two siblings go. Fear ceded to fortitude, and despair to hope. Her defiance won her the day.

  28. Adrita Das says:

    It’s a good answer Sir. The above questions are also good but you can avoid writing the summary because it doesn’t come in exam. But Sir can you please add 1 question more:-
    * Write a short note on the difficulties faced by Sher Singh on his way
    Please add some details to it like the encounter with the elephants, the flooded river etc. And once again Sir thank you for your efforts.

  29. Adrita Das says:

    Sir, you said you will post the remaining answers today but you haven’t. Please post it today.

  30. Adrita Das says:

    Sir ,please post the answers .

  31. Adrita Das says:

    Thanks you so much, Sir.

  32. bhawna says:

    Great explanation and it really wonderful how u are so prompt in helping us

  33. JANE🇦🇺 says:

    Awesome…! It helped me a lot and I love the way you have written it…! Thanks for making such good efforts.😊😊

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