Word Exercises -Learning to write well through good words

Word Exercises – Learning to write well with appropriate words ..


Select the right word from the list given below and insert it in its right place.

1. Iran is back on its feet again. People are agog with excitement as the U.S.-backed ———- that crippled their country for years has finally been lifted.

2. Iran is a nation with a rich heritage. Its artists and film-makers are very creative. This is why Iranian film-makers get so many awards for art films in global competitive events. With more exposure to the world, Iran will rise to new heights. In exchange for the ——– nuclear weapon which Iran really didn’t need, ———- access to global markets and investment sources is a much bigger gain.

3. The western world was deeply suspicious of Iran, and its leaders. Now, after Iran joins the mainstream, ——– will be replaced by partnership in fields of oil exploration, education, technology, and scientific research.

4. Logically, America and Israel could never have ———- a nuclear Iran. If not through negotiations, the two powers would have adopted military power to ——- Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

5. The recourse to such heavy-handed approach would have destabilized the whole region —— unpredictable and highly disruptive forces. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards could have run amok often turning on the liberal forces in their own country.

6. Like what happened in Iraq in the aftermath of American intervention, Iran could have slid into a state of upheaval, fratricidal warfare, and a huge ——– in Islamic terrorism.

7. After the accord was signed, the whole world heaved a sigh of relief. The ——– of war seems to have receded for the near future.
8. With Iran crisis averted, the UN can focus its attention on the Syrian ——–.

List of words …
[Paranoia, Decimate, Unfettered, Embargo, Elusive, Specter, Countenance as verb, Spurt, Imbroglio, Unleashing]
Answers will be posted tomorrow.

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