Princess September by Somerset Maugham.

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  1. prerna says:

    please publish the model answers. also the summary was quite helpful and well written.

  2. Dwij says:

    Can you post model answers?

  3. Dwij says:

    OK , Thanks for posting “the bet”

  4. Hritibroto Barman says:

    All of your posts are awesome!! Big fan of your writing!! 🙂

  5. Hritibroto Barman says:

    Why did the sisters did not the 8th daughter?? She was the one for whom their names were changed from name of days to name of months. August should have been the main culprit.

  6. Runjii says:

    Please publish summary of ths story

  7. Runjii says:

    Please publish summary of this short story

  8. Krishnendu says:

    Sir a big fan of ur writing.🙏

  9. Jishnu says:

    Plz write a another title also of the story

  10. Aishwarya says:

    Plz can u tell the moral of the story

    • Satya Prakash says:

      a. Envy and intolerance are very corrosive to human happiness. [Give the example of the elder sisters and how they faced misery later.]
      b. A crooked mind delivers crooked ideas. Plotting the death of an innocent bird to cause sorrow to its owner is a vile thought.
      c. As a monarch with absolute powers, a person has to be judicious in his approach. Excessive preference for son at the cost of daughters is the manifestation of a sick and imbalanced mind.
      d. Being the custodian of the kingdom’s sovereign wealth, a monarch has to reflect carefully before giving anything away, even if it is for charity.
      [Expand the above points. I can’t write properly as I don’t remember the story well.]

  11. Sayma says:

    Sir I want answers of long questions given in workbook plz tell

  12. Gargi says:

    Language can be improved… Please correct the gender

  13. jahnavi says:

    In the beginning of the summary written by you sir,you have mentioned the king and queen of Siam to have had nine daughters and FOUR SONS.Which, if i am’nt wrong ,is nine daughters and ten sons(they had named the sons till the alphabet J, which is the tenth alphabet).

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I might be wrong. Correct it for your own use. When I find time, I will read the story, and if necessary, I will correct my post.

  14. Sakshi Choudhary says:

    Much thanks
    Helpful indeed

  15. Soumen Mondal says:

    Very interesting story

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