School Debate Topic: On need of Uniforms — Support or Oppose?

School Debate Topic

Suggested words for the debate
“Making uniforms for school students compulsory is a good idea.”

Those who support the motion …
Suggested words …. Mandatory, Sense of belonging, Cohesion, Socio-economic strata of society, Rein in, Integration, Flaunt, Bespoke, Outlandish, Identity, Orderliness, Security, Bedrock, Unhealthy competition, Animosity


Those who oppose the motion ….
Suggested words .. Avoidable, Economic burden, Multitude of underprivileged and impoverished students, Square meals, Afford, Malnourished, Luxury, Oblivious, Cunning way, Commercial motive, Fleece, Grotesque, Socio-economically unviable, Encroachment on individual freedom, Freedom of choice, Hot climate, Redundant


Prepare your own arguments taking the above words as hints.

[Answers will be posted soon.]

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