Model school essay — The Season I like Most


In India, we have six different seasons each having its characteristic features. They come one after another. The rainy season comes after the scorching heat of summer. In India, it generally begins from the middle of June and lasts till the end of September. I like rainy season very much.
Rainy season is the lifeline of the flora and fauna on earth. For humans, it brings respite from heat and acute water shortage. Plants, shrivelled by the parched earth and the unforgiving Sun, get their much-needed water as the rains begin to fall. In the rainy season, the sky is generally covered with clouds. On some occasions during the rainy season, it rain continuously for days together. Rivers and canals, dried by the summer heat, get filled with water. Nature seems to get a new charming face with the advent of this season.
Sometimes, breathtakingly beautiful rainbow arches across the sky. It fades off in minutes leaving the children gaping in wonder and sadness. We see lush green grass, trees and paddy fields. Farmers, who await the first rains anxiously, start their brisk activities in the fields. Mother earth gets ready to give us a fresh bumper harvest. The countryside looks so colourful.
Many great poets in the past like Kalidas were fascinated by the bewitching beauty of Nature in this season. They composed fantastic poems eulogizing the rainy season.
Some important festivals are observed in this season. The Car Festival, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Puja, etc. are some of the important festivals that bring cheer and hope to all of us. People from far and wide come to Puri to witness the Car Festival. On Raksha Baildhan sisters tie Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers to ensure their safety and security.
Hydro-electric power stations run in full capacity generating power. The thunder and lightning in the overcast sky drive fear into the minds of children. They cling to their mothers as the roar and the blinding light shock and awe them.
No doubt, the rainy season brings devastating floods, but the misery is generally short-lived. After the flood, soil becomes more fertile, and agriculture gets a major boost. Colourful flowers in plants and creepers sway in the wind. Forest floors become a beehive of activity as the dry leaves rot providing food for myriad species of animals, tiny, small and large. Vegetable shops overflow with cheap and fresh vegetables. So it is said that, “No rain, no grain.”
Despite the muddy roads, swarming insects, damp walls and the inconvenience of going to school, I like the rains because it falls from Heaven to sustain life on earth. The copious rains seep and recharge our ground water ensuring plentiful drinking water for us for the rest of the year. This is why I adore the Rainy Season most.

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