OF DEATH by Francis Bacon

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  1. Lilly says:

    Thank you ever so much for publishing this essay, great piece of writing!

  2. Fatima A. says:

    Thank you so much for posting these analysis of essays. It helped a lot.

  3. Moon says:


  4. mavia says:

    thanks for this exp .. its very helpful and informative

  5. Saleha Shahid says:

    Thankyou so much for it

  6. Saleha Shahid says:

    Do one more favour plz provide the explanation of Of Advertises, Of Revenge also plz plz

  7. Saleha Shahid says:

    I have searched the both on google and on Bing but didn’t find any of them.If you can provide these two than I will be thankful to you. 😐😐

  8. asna says:

    very use full for M.A students. thank u

  9. thank u its vry hllful and useful fr ma studntz

  10. Duaa Khan says:

    “By doing this, one in impelled to experience remorse for being the cause of others suffering”
    I don’t understand this sentence what kind of remorse and how can a person be a cause of other people suffering , what i am understanding is that preachers ask people to feel other people pain by inflicting minor pain on themselves and during this process they feel guilty that others are bearing so much pain while they are free from physical suffering…. uh what am i writing i am confused kindly help.

  11. Jaishree shekhawat says:

    Firstly thanks a lot for providing such a valuable notes from which we can easily remember or understand the philosophical thoughts of bacon

  12. shahzeb says:

    ahaa….. very very nice job.. its really pure & exact translation..
    not only this but all of that wetbsite’s works.
    thanks alot..! especially satya prakash

  13. subha says:

    I need tamil meaning of the prose

  14. Gopi Singh says:

    It helped me a lot, Thank you so much Satya Prakash. I wanted to discuss even more about it…May you provide your WhatsApp no ?

  15. Satya Prakash says:

    State your question properly. Which lesson you are referring to? Is it ‘Of Death’? If so, it will take some time, because the essay is a difficult one.

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