I Believe — Explanation and Questions and Answers

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  1. shashank says:

    classic explanation with cool Q&A.SEXY

  2. Dwij says:

    Symbolic meaning explained clearly THANKS!

  3. aastha says:

    there should be some more questions ,though the vocabulary used is mindblowing!

  4. Ishan Binayak says:

    what is the difference you noticed between first verse and next of the verse to it ??? CAN U EXPLAIN IT IN A SOMEWHAT COMPLEX TYPE OF LANGUAGE

  5. Koushani Das says:

    It really catered me with something useful!!

  6. SREE says:

    that was all I needed for exam…thanks a million!!!

  7. Unknown says:

    Pls add some more questions and answers

  8. ayush sinha says:

    Thanxx who was written it..

  9. Unknown says:

    PLZ add questions and answers for the poem “the professor”

  10. Yashika says:

    Why its written “I firmly believe” in the last stanza??? Whereas in other places it’s just I believe……. What does the word ‘Firmly’ signifies here????

  11. Saptadweepa Nayak says:

    It helped me a lot for my project n also for exam!!!

  12. Sandeep Palekar says:

    The poem “I Believe” needs to be exam8ned from a feminist point of view.

    In the first five stanzas, the poet – a woman- believes she can achieve the greatest; symbolically she believes she can conquer all three spheres – the atmosphere, the hydrophone and the lithosphere.
    The last stanza begins with the conjunction “But” . This is a clear contrast to the sentiment expressed in the preceding stanzas. The poet then says she ‘firmly believes’. Hence, this stanza is the dominant stanza in the poem. In this stanza the poet regrets or laments the fact that though she believes she can conquer the three spheres, she is merely expected to perform the duties ‘assigned’ to her, on this earth. It is clear that the males dominated society will restrict her duties to the mundane – cooking, cleaning, rearing children, etc. – and will not allow her to achieve what she believes she can.

  13. Aspyn Hunter says:

    I have two questions to be cleared:
    What are the various achievements that the poet wants to fulfill?

    Explain the phrase, “human angels”. what does the speaker want to achieve amidst them?

  14. new name says:


  15. Dharni says:

    What is the world’s treasure

  16. Mayank says:

    Can you please explain me the meaning of “See the angles at play”?

  17. Mayank says:

    What would the role assigned to the poet?

    • marystiphna says:

      its the poets desire to live in the world and complete his assingnment for which he has been send here by the maker

  18. Mayank says:

    Can you please again tell me that what would be
    the role assigned to the spiker

  19. Can u please tell me the”ROLE” assign to speaker in this poem

  20. Swati says:

    Sir,what are ‘world treasures ‘ in this poem refer to?

  21. Priyam says:

    How does this poem highlight the theme of women empowerment? Give a few example from your observation in the modern world to show the need of showing women. Pls write on this in about 400 words.

  22. Priyam says:

    to show the need of empowering* women

  23. Lao Zhang says:

    I am a Chinese and an English learner and user. I am very happy to find this great website. The explanation given is very nice! Thanks. Back to this poem, I think if the ending could have been made more impressive with “In spite of all my belief and all my endeavours, the stone I throw skywards will come down to the earth, in the end.”

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you, Lao. It is a philosophical poem with so many hidden messages. It would be appropriate to draw the conclusion you have arrived at.The author reminds his reader that the world is his work place, where he has to prove his mettle. Lofty ambitions are all right, but one’s feet must be on the ground to achieve them.

  24. Bullet Rani says:

    It helped me in my term 📝 exams. Thanks a lot. 😁😀😁😀☺😇😇😇😇😇

  25. No name says:

    From where do u get such good vocabulary??

  26. Atharva says:

    Nice explanation.
    Can someone give the summary of
    A pslam of life

  27. Atharva says:

    Thank u sir , it helped me a lot for my pre boards

  28. Atharva says:

    Sir plz explain the last part of the story
    The Bet

  29. Ayush says:

    Please give the explanation of if thou must love me

  30. Adrita Das says:

    What is meant by human angles? Please reply soon within 40-50 words.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Correction… It is ‘human angels’, not ‘human angles’.
      ‘Human angels’ refer to the noblest, brightest, and kindest human beings on earth who, driven by their altruistic traits’ constantly strive to do good for the mankind. The speaker desires to work hand in hand with these grea souls.

    • Satya Prakash says:


  31. Ckc says:

    Very well explained , Awesome job!!!!!

  32. Pawan singh says:

    very nice.l can achieve success.

  33. Pawan singh says:

    very nice I was very happy when I read this poem.l might wish……..

  34. Ishu says:

    Sir would you please tell me which one would be better to attend in ICSE: 2 poems and 1 prose or 1 poem and 2 prose

  35. Ishu says:

    Sir I just wanted to know which would gain more marks as I did both well


    The only thing I can say is that THANK YOU 🤗 😉… IT WAS VERY HELPFUL for the preparations for my board exams… 😘

  37. Kaur says:

    Can you explain properly meaning of ‘world ‘s treasures’??

    • Satya Prakash says:

      They refer to the best and brightest minds on Earth, such as the poets, philosophers, authors, scientists, philanthropists, Sadhus etc.

  38. Nikitha says:

    Thank you sir your notes posted on this website helped a lot for my board exam which is tomorrow

  39. Adrita Das says:

    Sir can you explain the symbolism of ”clawing the earth’s belly”?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Mother Earth with its flora and fauna and the humans comprise what we describe as the ‘World’. The world is the repository of the highest achievements in literature, science, philosophy, spirituality and everything else we deem as priceless achievements. ‘Clawing into Earth’s belly’ is same as delving into Mother Earth’s vast store house of the many gems of human achievement.

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