ICSE English Literature — India’s Heroes

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75 Responses

  1. karan verma says:

    very tough english. couldnt able to understand

  2. preeti says:

    nice! it helped me alot

  3. :) says:

    This was simply amazing. Thank you so much for your help!!

  4. Srijeeta Agarwal says:

    The story was very touching

  5. jeevan reddy says:

    it helped me a little

  6. Saumya says:

    it really helped me a lot!!! I liked your explanation

  7. shreyash says:

    Nice one it really touched my haert

  8. hetvi says:

    This explanation was amazing.i would request the youngster to read it.Its inspirational.

  9. VITHESH says:

    it was useful but i request u to add some more things like bibliography , about the author and acknowledgement

  10. chandan khuntia says:

    It helps me a lot in writing my english project

  11. nandita says:

    how did the class react when kabeer went in reading his assignment i need this answer in 2500 words

  12. Kunal says:

    It touched raw nerve of my heart
    Thanks a lot

  13. Leah says:

    Thanks a lot sir.
    It is really awesome…..the language is really nice….thanks again for helping increase my vocabulary

  14. Ayush Vardhan Singh says:

    This explanation is amazing.. helped me a lot

  15. Umang Goel says:

    Thank u very much for these explanations, they are very helpful. Seems that you have a very nice vocabulary compared to mine, hope u had the definitions of a few difficult and complex words towards the end. Thanks again!!!

  16. someone you dont know says:

    i think this has helped me alot, we have got an idea to use our vocabulary at right places. Thank you <3

  17. Pranav says:

    i have a question in this chapter…
    -please explain the purpose of the exercise that mrs.Baruah gave to the class 8 children .
    please i need this answer immediately.
    thank u.

    • Pranav says:

      got the answer just tell me if it is correct-

      There are a few ironical strains in the story.
      1. Todd borrows a dollar not quite out of need, but more so out of convenience. He did not need the dollar to buy anything important. Instead, he used it to pay the cab driver.
      2. Throughout the story, the speaker feels awful about Todd not returning the dollar. It bothers him quite a bit, but it is only towards the end does he realise that he might have done the same to many others!
      3. The plot begins with one dollar and ends with the speaker talking in terms of a large scale campaign!

  18. kshitij burman says:

    it helped me in my exams …. thanks

  19. soumen kumar says:

    pls post critical analysis of the merchant of venice

  20. shruti joshi says:

    Thanks it helped me lot

  21. juhi Roy says:

    can u plz provide me wid the critical appreciation of India’s hero

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I will, but you will have to pay for it.


      The money goes entirely for education of poor children of your age. Hence this appeal. I am a retired IITian and don’t need to boost my income.
      I am going to write your piece and send it to you. I can assure you it will get you the highest praise. So, don’t hesitate to remit whatever you can to this account.
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  22. Sanjida says:

    It helped me a lot

  23. neelima pj says:

    Mrs Baruah purpose of giving assaignment was just an ordinary class assaignment on something else

    • Satya Prakash says:

      No, she wanted to delve into the minds of her pupils to see how and what values her teaching is inculcating in them. At the same time, she wanted to gauge their oratory skills.

  24. neelima pj says:

    thank u dignitary for helping with my project

  25. shruthi says:

    she put forward for this assaignment for improving the oratory skills of students??



  27. Mick says:

    This is terrible. Full of cliches and unnecessarily dramatic.

  28. Aameera khan says:

    Nice one !! I really felt tht this is too use full ad good for our exams It has new words were in we can learn …. I enjoyed reading it.. .

  29. No name says:

    Why Mrs baruah did not want her students to notice the tears?

    • Satya Prakash says:

      As the teacher, she wanted to retain her composure, and demonstrate her maturity.Breaking down before the entire class would have plunged the students to emotional turmoil.

  30. jess says:

    thanks for using such an english it helps us to get new words so that we can score good marks

  31. jess says:

    do u have other icse stories???

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