ICSE English poem — A Psalm of Life

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  1. binapani says:

    Thanks for your awesome icse prose and poem analysis. It really helped me a lot. I want the analysis of other stories like Hunger by nasira sharma, kabuliwala by rabindranath tagore, journey by night by norah Burke.

  2. aditya says:

    a psalm of life is written as “a palsam of life.”plz correct it

  3. Anubhuti says:

    I want further help in psalm of life

  4. Srijan pratihar says:

    sir can you please answer these two questions from “the psalm of life”
    1)How does the poet want his readers to lead there lives?[4]
    2)what does the poet say about life?[4]

  5. Srijan pratihar says:

    OK sir not a problem

  6. Swati says:

    Sir,can you give the analysis of poem professor?

  7. ??? says:

    Will I score???

  8. Bhawna says:

    Sir it is still not very clear.
    Plz help🙏🙇

  9. Alisha says:

    Sir actually now I am planning to prepare long ans beforehand for every story in icse syllabus(10th),but I don’t really have the idea as to what should be the content for getting full 16 marks in it .so plz can u just help me with an example or maybe points

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Send me your questions.

      • Alisha says:

        Sir I think there Is some confusion.actually I am preparing to write long answers for stories which come as a 16 marks ques in icse exams .so can u plz tell me the pattern of writing it or the key points to include

        • Satya Prakash says:

          I am neither a teacher, nor have any formal education in English. As a freelancer, I write whatever comes to my mind. So, please don’t depend upon me. However, if you write something on your own, I will most willingly proof-read it and value-add it by inserting good words, expressions and points. I guide many students in this way.

          • Alisha says:

            Well it would be of incredible help.sir where can I send the long ans any e mail or something.by the way I actually at times wonder how do u manage all that .Thank u sir for all your help😊 can’t tell how much we students respect you

  10. Alisha says:

    Sir do u write just on poems or stories as well?

  11. Dhwani sedani says:

    Sir, a summary for the inchape rock please

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Sorry for the delay.
      Here is the summary.
      The Inchcape Rock –Summary
      Robert Southey’s poem The Inchcape Rock is an epic poem on morality that seems to have a timeless appeal. The propensity to be jealous of someone’s popularity, and undo the benevolent deed of others has been there in human beings in various degrees. This poem powerfully illustrates how such evil-doers meet their memesis at the end. It is God’s retribution that underscores the triumph of good against evil.

      The Abbot of Aberbrothok was a kindly soul. To warn the sailors against the semi-submerged Inchape Rock, he had placed a huge bell atop a buoy. The device was chained to the Inchape Rock’s tip. On high tide days, the bell rose with the tide and swayed with the wind, thus making a loud sound. The Bell thus signaled the sailors to steer clear of the perilous Rock and save themselves. Countless shipwrecks could thus be preempted by this simple device. The grateful sailors showered their adulation on the Abbot for his concern and ingenuity.

      Ralph, the Rover played a pirate vessel. He made his wealth plundering such sinking ships. For this Devil, no ship wrecks meant no income. Obviously, he loathed the Inchcape Bell, and the Abbot for erecting it. The praise for the benign Abbot made him burn with jealousy.
      On one fine sunny morning, Ralph the Rover was feeling jovial and gay, but his wicked self prompted him to do something wicked. He proceeded to dislodge the Bell. He personally cut off the chain making the Bell to sink. The warning device was gone forever.

      Some days later, Rover happened to pass by the same area when the ship was choppy and the area was dark and windy. He knew the Rock lay hidden somewhere, but he didn’t know where. There was no way he could locate it—the Bell was missing. While groping to get a safe route, his ship hit the Rock and capsized, taking the pirate Rover to the bottom of the sea. He knew he had fallen prey to his own misdeed, but showed no remorse. Instead he cursed the Rock and everyone else except him. Such was his arrogance.

      God had punished the guilty by making him fall in the same pit that he had dug for others. It was poetic justice.


  12. Geetha says:

    Sir,need ur emai id or hw to contact u .. .my son has written notes on poems but he not confident how gud he has written ..so can u pls proof read it..if so provide ur mail id or fb page ? Sir can u pls help me out in hindi notes too if u can ? Thank you in advance sir

  13. Anil kumar Mohanty says:

    Hlw sir i am anil,sir i cann’t atten any question in my class room when my teacher ask me so you can help me.I have a lot of question so it cann’t be possible to write one time so i thought i give my mobile number to you through you can messege answer which i ask you.so i need your mobile number please help me sir plese help me.my mobile number-+919776617513.Please give me your mobile number.

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