ICSE English poem — A Psalm of Life

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11 Responses

  1. binapani says:

    Thanks for your awesome icse prose and poem analysis. It really helped me a lot. I want the analysis of other stories like Hunger by nasira sharma, kabuliwala by rabindranath tagore, journey by night by norah Burke.

  2. aditya says:

    a psalm of life is written as “a palsam of life.”plz correct it

  3. Anubhuti says:

    I want further help in psalm of life

  4. Srijan pratihar says:

    sir can you please answer these two questions from “the psalm of life”
    1)How does the poet want his readers to lead there lives?[4]
    2)what does the poet say about life?[4]

  5. Srijan pratihar says:

    OK sir not a problem

  6. Swati says:

    Sir,can you give the analysis of poem professor?

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