Freedom by G. B. Shaw — para by para explanation

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  1. Manish says:

    Sir can you please explain the line “You can turn the point over in your mind for yourself; do not let me prejudice you one way or the other”

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Meaning .. ‘You (the reader) may analyze the matter again and again with all rigorousness to draw your own conclusion. Let me (G. B. Shaw) not try to sway your mind, or influence your judgment in any way.’

      • Sidhee Saraff says:

        The matter and substance of the speech is open to different ways of thoughts. He gave an open ending for the reader(then listeners) to think and mould their thoughts their own way because he doesnt want to force him opinion on others. He asserted his views now we are witty enough to judge on our ownselves.

  2. Supriyo says:

    “To prove this, we are reminded that, although nine out of ten voters are common workers…vote for the members of their own class ” please explain that line

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Factory workers do not, in most cases, vote for a candidate of their own working class. This is a paradox which is difficult to understand. When it comes to voting, members of the working class are not enthused about electing some one of their own underprivileged class. Instead, they prefer some one of the aristocratic class. Bernard Shaw finds such voting preference inexplicable.

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