BIRTH by A. J. Cronin — Explanation

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22 Responses

  1. chinmay r jain says:

    Nice but if the explanations were longer then it would be great !

  2. Yash Gupta says:

    Very bad explain

  3. Raghul says:

    Superb but the explanations are long. You could have made it short.

  4. Oishi says:

    Not up to the mark

  5. Shreya says:

    Good for understanding for exam we have to make our own from the knowledge we gain here not just copying everything that’s not the real motive of exam. Sir I appreciate ur work👍👍👍👍

  6. I really found it helpful….especially the part-explaining the meanings of some difficult lines right beside them….Thank you.

  7. Sanjana Shaw says:

    It bcms vry hlpful for me to undrstnd the lesson


    Nice explantion

  9. Aviroop Nandy says:

    Your effort is really commendable, sir. But a little more explanation would always be welcome.

  10. Manoj says:

    Simply explanation.. 😀😇

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