Precis Writing Exercise 2 .. With Answer

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  1. haresh says:

    it is really useful for me to know how precise a passage by example

  2. swayamshree barik says:

    Thank you sir..I got some idea regarding précis writing..

  3. chitrakshi says:

    Sir, i tried writing a precise. could you please check and rate it.


    Cyclon Philin recently hit the east coast of Odisha from Bay of Bengal. Its violent winds caused immense damage to mud houses, flora and power lines. Still the death toll was negligible as the rescue team efficiently evacuated people from weather-radar determined path of cyclon. It was exemplery disaster mangement. Coast guards rescuing sailors from a tilted cargo ship in Bay of Bangal is another mentionable operation.

  4. Ankit says:

    Precise of the above paragraph

    Importance of disaster management
    Last week cyclone philin originated from low pressure region of bay of Bengal tore through the coastal area of small Indian state odisha. Moving at 200km/hr, it destroyed everything in its path. Fortunately our efficient disaster management team detected it and conducted evacuation operation before hand successfully. Also alertness of coast Guard saved lives of sailors floating dangerously near the tilted cargo ship.

    Plz check and let me know of ur views

  5. DAS says:

    PRECISE TITLE…. Odisha Affected By Cyclone Philine

    The 220 kilometer per hour speed cyclone Philine came from bay of bengal was affected on odisha in the last weekend,it flattened house trees uprooted.Dueto weather radars tracked the philine as a result millions of people saved to move temporary shelters and reduced death toll to negligible numbers,its totaly credited goes to disaster management .The coast guard rescue the sailors who were floating on their life boat in the dark near their ship..

    • Satya Prakash says:


      • DAS says:

        sir plz check my precise …….

        • Satya Prakash says:

          The 220-kilometer per hour cyclone Philine came from the Bay of Bengal. It affected coastal Odisha last weekend. It flattened houses and uprooted trees. Weather radars tracked the Philine ahead of it coming. As a result, millions of people were saved by moving to temporary shelters. Death toll was negligible.The total credit goes to disaster management authorities. The coast guard ships rescued the sailors who were floating on their life boat in the dark.

  6. Sylar says:

    Cyclone philine hit the Odisha last week, it was originated from bay of bengal coastal area due to the low pressure, with a speed 200km/h and it flattened many houses, trees and power supply. Disaster management team with the help of radar prediction technology save many life by evacuating people from that area and negligible death was reported. Another operation was also successfully done by coast guard to save some sailors whose boat are floating near them at night.(words 72)

  7. ravi says:

    (dear friends plz write precise and give a suitable title.)
    machines have, in fact, become the salves of modern life. they do more and more work that human beings do not want to do themselves. think for a moment of the extent to which machines do work for you. you wake, perhaps, to the hoot of siren by a machines in a neighboring factory.
    you wash in water brought to you by the aid of machinery, heated by the machinery and placed in basins for your convenience by a machine. you eat your break fast quickly cooked for you by machinery, go to school in machines made for saving leg labour and if you are lucky to be in a very modern school. you enjoy cinema where a machine teaches you or you listen to lessons broadcast by the most wonderful machines. so dependent has man become on machines that a certain writer imagines a time when machines will have acquired a will of their own and become the master of men, doomed once more to slavery.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Precis ..
      Labour-saving machines have intruded into our lives in myriad ways to cut drudgery and save labour. From morning to late night, they assist us in our day-to-day functions adding to our comfort, We tend to be increasingly dependent on them. Their ever-creeping role has heightened fear that they might one day enslave humans.

  8. ravi says:

    thanx sir g, plz write effective title.

  9. Urvashi says:

    Can you please help in other topics like meetings or resume writing…

  10. Urvashi says:

    I am a student..right now i am preparing for ca foundations exams

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