Best Seller by O. Henry — Explanation

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42 Responses

  1. zainab says:

    great! understood the whole chapter clearly ! thanks for the help.

  2. dreamer kileew says:

    understood chapter….really nice explanation:)

  3. Srinvas says:

    very very useful thanks awesome

  4. Moinudheen says:

    Good explanation
    It’s help me for exam

  5. Moinudheen says:

    Good explanation
    It helps me for the xam

  6. Moinudheen says:

    Can u tell with which site u created this blog

  7. kriti says:

    Fantastic for revisions

  8. Gauri says:

    Awesome and exact explanation!thank you very much

  9. Srishti mukherjee says:

    Thanx for this this made my exam better

  10. Mkj says:

    Satya prakash Jee just ignore all those who had criticised your article…..
    Fabulous work done….
    Blessings from all 9th of cbse

  11. Saksham says:

    Amazing work. Please continue the good work

  12. Sambhav says:

    That’s really helpful, although much of this is opinionated. By the way in para 82 “Yankees and the game rooster” that’s a single story man, your summary is misleading in some aspects, no offence.

  13. Animesh says:

    made me understand the whole chapter,though some points need a bit more excavation,but a great one all togeather! thanks..

  14. Ankur Chanda says:

    Lovely notes….I got full marks in this chapter…Satya Prakash you are a genius

  15. Mehek says:

    Wonderfully explained in simple word.
    Please continue doing this for the other cbse chapters please.

  16. Make it short one
    But story is nice for preparation of exams

  17. diya says:

    The explanation is kind of ambiguous and misleading.

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