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  1. ruwiniruwini erandika says:

    This makes me easy to understand what is a Precis

  2. Qurat ul Ain Majeed says:

    thank you! this is very helpful..

  3. shivani says:

    such a good example of precis!!thanks for sharing .

  4. Sakshi jaiswal says:

    Thank u lT makes easy to know me about precis

  5. syeda ruheen says:

    This helped me a lot to learn precise

  6. Thanks for give us easy perci weriting

  7. ayush says:

    Can we use this in guj board exam?

  8. varad says:

    It gives more information in more easy way…

  9. Divyadev panda says:

    it’s nice.
    Thank you

  10. MD NANS says:


  11. Mansoor says:

    can i get also the summary and paraphase of this passege

  12. Fatema says:

    In my school we gotta write precis of 60 words…

  13. Srushti says:


  14. Ankit says:

    Precise of the above passage

    Never underestimate yourself
    Once a drop fell into the ocean and start cursing about its insignificant existence in the vast ocean. In between the introspection, it was swallowed by oyster. Inside the shell in due course of time and pressure , it got converted to pearl. Which was then discovered by diver and now after changing many hands, it ameliorates the persian crown.

    Kindly check and let me know your comments

  15. aslam says:

    make a precis of the passage ‘a good soldier for instance mainly wishes to do his fighting well .he is glad of his pay -very properly so and justly grumbles when you keep him ten years without it -till,his main mission of life isto win battles not to be paid for winning them. So of clergymen. the clergymen’s object is essentially baptize and preach not to be paid for preaching .so of doctors . they like fees no doubt-ought to like them;yet if they are brave and well educated the entire object to their lives is not fees . they on the whole desire to cure the sick ; and if theybare good doctors and the choice is fairlt to them , would rather cure their patient and lose their fee than kill him and get it. and so with all the other brave and rightly braved men ;their work is first ,their fee is second -very importnt always ;but still second

  16. Saurabh Thakur says:

    Thanks for help me about precise writing

  17. Maaz says:

    Tomorrow is my paper and my eng is very weak . . . Hope for best 🙁

  18. renatta says:

    very interesting good job keep it on
    thanks for ur knowledge

  19. Fareed says:

    Happiness, in this world, when it comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit and it leads us a wild goose chase and is never attained. In other words, happiness is the inevitable by-product of unselfish living. When self is forgotten in service for others happiness is discovered in the most unlikely places. It awaits us at every turn of the road when we make the road easier for others. It must never be forgotten that happiness is a state of mind. It is not something outside of ourselves. It is not a robe to be donned or discarded in response to our whims. It is not a gem to be purchased, whatever the price we are willing to pay. It is not in your heart, it is nowhere, no matter how earnestly it is sought. There can be no enduring; happiness unless love is the ruling motive of life. The man whose daily life is an expression of his fellowmen is the man who has found the secrete of true happiness. It is that inner peace of mind that always comes to those whose object in life is to bring happiness to others.

    • Fareed says:

      anyone can solve this precis

      • Satya Prakash says:

        See this precis.

        Happiness eludes those who seek to acquire it using their wealth or through vigorous pursuit. Altruism is the key to enduring happiness. By paving the way for others voluntarily, one paves one’s way for happiness in life. Selfless love for others wellbeing brings joy in abundance. Benevolence and instinct to do good to others make the mind glow with happiness, even if we don’t solicit it. [65 words, almost one third the original word-count.]

    • Satya Prakash says:

      What you want me to do with it, Fareed?

  20. Nawaz Rehan says:

    Once, a rain drop fall toward the ocean and thought about its worthlessness. Mean while an oyster swallowed it and turned it into a pearl. After many adventure, a diver found it and finally, became an ornament of Persian crown.

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