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  1. ruwiniruwini erandika says:

    This makes me easy to understand what is a Precis

  2. Qurat ul Ain Majeed says:

    thank you! this is very helpful..

  3. shivani says:

    such a good example of precis!!thanks for sharing .

  4. Sakshi jaiswal says:

    Thank u lT makes easy to know me about precis

  5. syeda ruheen says:

    This helped me a lot to learn precise

  6. Thanks for give us easy perci weriting

  7. ayush says:

    Can we use this in guj board exam?

  8. varad says:

    It gives more information in more easy way…

  9. Divyadev panda says:

    it’s nice.
    Thank you

  10. MD NANS says:


  11. Mansoor says:

    can i get also the summary and paraphase of this passege

  12. Fatema says:

    In my school we gotta write precis of 60 words…

  13. Srushti says:


  14. Ankit says:

    Precise of the above passage

    Never underestimate yourself
    Once a drop fell into the ocean and start cursing about its insignificant existence in the vast ocean. In between the introspection, it was swallowed by oyster. Inside the shell in due course of time and pressure , it got converted to pearl. Which was then discovered by diver and now after changing many hands, it ameliorates the persian crown.

    Kindly check and let me know your comments

  15. aslam says:

    make a precis of the passage ‘a good soldier for instance mainly wishes to do his fighting well .he is glad of his pay -very properly so and justly grumbles when you keep him ten years without it -till,his main mission of life isto win battles not to be paid for winning them. So of clergymen. the clergymen’s object is essentially baptize and preach not to be paid for preaching .so of doctors . they like fees no doubt-ought to like them;yet if they are brave and well educated the entire object to their lives is not fees . they on the whole desire to cure the sick ; and if theybare good doctors and the choice is fairlt to them , would rather cure their patient and lose their fee than kill him and get it. and so with all the other brave and rightly braved men ;their work is first ,their fee is second -very importnt always ;but still second

  16. Saurabh Thakur says:

    Thanks for help me about precise writing

  17. Maaz says:

    Tomorrow is my paper and my eng is very weak . . . Hope for best 🙁

  18. renatta says:

    very interesting good job keep it on
    thanks for ur knowledge

  19. Fareed says:

    Happiness, in this world, when it comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit and it leads us a wild goose chase and is never attained. In other words, happiness is the inevitable by-product of unselfish living. When self is forgotten in service for others happiness is discovered in the most unlikely places. It awaits us at every turn of the road when we make the road easier for others. It must never be forgotten that happiness is a state of mind. It is not something outside of ourselves. It is not a robe to be donned or discarded in response to our whims. It is not a gem to be purchased, whatever the price we are willing to pay. It is not in your heart, it is nowhere, no matter how earnestly it is sought. There can be no enduring; happiness unless love is the ruling motive of life. The man whose daily life is an expression of his fellowmen is the man who has found the secrete of true happiness. It is that inner peace of mind that always comes to those whose object in life is to bring happiness to others.

    • Fareed says:

      anyone can solve this precis

      • Satya Prakash says:

        See this precis.

        Happiness eludes those who seek to acquire it using their wealth or through vigorous pursuit. Altruism is the key to enduring happiness. By paving the way for others voluntarily, one paves one’s way for happiness in life. Selfless love for others wellbeing brings joy in abundance. Benevolence and instinct to do good to others make the mind glow with happiness, even if we don’t solicit it. [65 words, almost one third the original word-count.]

    • Satya Prakash says:

      What you want me to do with it, Fareed?

  20. Nawaz Rehan says:

    Once, a rain drop fall toward the ocean and thought about its worthlessness. Mean while an oyster swallowed it and turned it into a pearl. After many adventure, a diver found it and finally, became an ornament of Persian crown.

  21. Zain Ul Abiden says:

    nice work thanks. it makes precis writing like a cooked dish.

  22. Kanishka says:

    what’s that title

  23. ayesha says:

    can u please write the precis of this passage….

    {The essence of poetry is that it deals with events which concern a large number of people and can be grasped not as immediate personal experience but as matter known largely from heresy and presented in simplified and often abstract forms. it is thus the antithesis of all poetry which deals with the special, individual activity of the self and tries to present this as specially and as individually as it can. The poet who deals with public themes may himself be affected, even deeply, by contemporary events at some point in his own being, but to see them in their breadth and depth he must rely largely on what he hears from other men and from mass instruments of communication. From the start his impulse to write about them is different from any impulse to write about his own affairs. It may be just as strong and just as compelling, but it is not of the same kind. He has to give his own version of something which millions of others may share with him, and however individual he may wish to be, he cannot avoid relying to a large extent on much that he knows only from second hand.
    Fundamentally this may not matter, for after all what else did Shakespeare do: but the political poet does not construct an imaginary past, he attempts to grasp and interpret a vast present. Between him and his subject there is a gap which he can never completely cross, and all his attempts to make events part of himself must be to some extent hampered by recalcitrant elements in them, which he does not understand or cannot assimilate or find irrelevant to his creative task. in such poetry selection which is indispensable to all art, has to be made from an unusually large field of possibilities and guided by an exacting sense of what really matters and what does not. On one side he may try to include too much and lose himself in issues where be is not imaginatively at home, on the other side he may see some huge event merely from a private angle which teed not mean much to others. Political poetry oscillates between these extremes, and its history in our time has been largely attempts to make the best of one or the other of them or to see what compromises can be made between them.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Give me 2/3 days.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Answer ..

      Writing poetry
      Poetry, being pivoted to universal concerns, has far-reaching appeal. In its simple and abstract form, it is removed from personal activity. A poet must look at public themes not through their own eyes, but through other’s lenses, especially the mass media. Motivation to write about public matters is different from writing about the poet’s own private affairs. Since millions read the poems, public perception of issues is important. Unless the poet writes Shakespearean fiction, they have to be anchored to the facts on the ground. Taking all readers on board may prove an elusive idea though. Not everyone among the audience can agree with him. The poet must be discerning in choosing his theme. If not, they may digress to irrelevance, or take a myopic personal view of issues. Either way, they lose the readers’ attention. Reaching a middle position involving contentious political matters is difficult. [148 words out of 400]

  24. Asad says:

    make precis of following
    For centuries, people have been playing kicking games with a ball. The game of soccer developed from some of these early games. The English probably gave soccer its name and its first set of rules. In European countries, soccer is called football or association football. Some people believe that the name “soccer” came from “assoc.,” an abbreviation for the word association. Others believe that the name came from the high socks that the players wear.

    Organized soccer games began in 1863. In soccer, two teams of eleven players try to kick or head the ball into their opponents’ goal. The goalie, who tries to keep the ball out of the goal, is the only player on the field who is allowed to touch the ball with his or her hands. The other players must use their feet, heads, and bodies to control the ball.

    Every four years, soccer teams around the world compete for the World Cup. The World Cup competition started in 1930.

    Brazil is the home of many great soccer players, including the most famous player of all, Pelé. With his fast footwork, dazzling speed, and great scoring ability, Pelé played for many years in Brazil and then later in New York. During his 22 years in soccer, he scored 1,281 goals and held every major record for the sport.

    People in more than 140 countries around the world play soccer. It is the national sport of most European and Latin American countries. Soccer is definitely the world’s most popular sport!

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Sorry Asad for the delay. I had taken a hiatus from my blog writing.

      The following is the precis in 93 words, roughly one third of the word count f the original passage.

      The British devised football’s rules. The name ‘Soccer’ is possibly related to players’ high socks or from ‘Association’.
      Born in 1863, football is played with two rival 11-player teams who try to push the ball through the opposite goal post outflanking the goalkeeper. Except him, no one can touch the ball by hand.
      The World Cup is staged once in four years.
      The Brazilian football wizard Pele bewitched football lovers with his superb skill.
      As the national game in Europe and Latin America, football, played in 140 countries, is world’s most popular game.

  25. Neeraj Dahiya says:

    Well to know what’s a precise ur example is helpful.. but for a student to attempt like this .. it’s not an easy task.. will u please guide how to do dis.. means the way to see the passage, the way we can frame our mind to shorten it, use of few words which can help in doing dis act like it is so happened that is replaced by just then it’s easy to understand but I need ur help to do dis in exam as on 25 Feb 2018 am going to appear in an exam. If u can guide me how to score well and the way to read the passage,to manipulate it in simple words it’s really a big task and right now I need your help . If u can give any advice it gonna help me a lot

    Thanks in advance

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Precis writing is a skill that you would need as a anager, lawyer, teacher or a journalist. To write a good recs,
      Yo need to
      1. Reduce the word count to approximately one third of the original passage.
      2. Read the passage and correctly decide which facts are crucial, and which ones are secondary.
      3. Your precs st have the primary / crucial facts contained in the riginal passage.
      These are the three basic rules.

  26. Urvashi says:

    Can you please give the precise of this passage..
    A life of action and danger moderates the dread of death.It not only gives us fortitude to bear pain,but also teaches uh at every step the precarious tenure on which we hold our present bieng. Sedentary and studious men are the most apprehensive on this score. Dr. Johnsonwas an instance point. A few years seemed to him soon over, compare with those sweeping contemplations on time and infinity with which he had been used to pose himself. In the still life of a man of letters there was no obvious reason for a change. He might sit in an armchair and pour out cups of tea to all eternity would it had been possible for him to do so. The most rational cure after all for the inordinate fear of death is to set a just value on life. If we mere wish to continue on this scene to indulge our head-strong humour and tormenting passions, we had better be gone at once; and if we only cherrish a fondness for existence according to the good we desire from it, the pang we feel at parting which it will not be very server

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Precis ……
      Life punctuated with intense activity, and danger inures us to the dread of death. A desk-bound existence aggravates this fear. Dr. Johnson shunned active life, and could spend days by simply being lost in some abstract thought. A person should determine what reasonably to expect from life. Pursuing these limited pleasures with a good-humouredly attitude is gainful, as it prepares us to meet death stoically. [65 words squeezed from 191 words]

  27. Anushka says:

    Could you provide the precis to this passage… In view of recent financial strain because of increasing responsibilities and financial needs, all development banks have been making frantic but unplanned efforts to mobilize resources. But resource mobilization should be undertaken only after resource planning. Planning involves decision making both on quantum of funds and the pattern of fund requirements. The former and is related to capitalization, the latter to capital structure such planning will ensure not only cheap and safe capitalization but also optimal utilisation of the capital mobilized. estimation of capital requirements should also be done carefully so that both inadequacy and superfluity of capital may be avoided.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Precis …….
      Development banks are aggressively mobilizing funds to meet enhanced requirements. However, sound planning is the key. Funds need to be garnered at less cost, and prudently lent to maximize returns. Both excess and low funds are bad.

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