Précis writing for students – Exercise 1

Passage ….. A drop of water fell out of the cloud into the sea, and finding itself lost in such an immensity of fluid matter, broke out into the following reflection: ‘Alas! What an inconsiderable creature am I in this prodigious ocean of waters: My existence is of no concern in the universe; ‘I am reduced to a kind of nothing, and am the least of the works of God’. It so happened that an oyster which lay in the neighbourhood of this drop chanced to gape and swallow it up in the midst of this his soliloquy. The drop, say the fables, lay a great while hardening in the shell, until by degrees it was ripened into a pearl, falling into the hands of a diver, after a long series of adventures, is at present that famous pearl which is fixed on the top of the Persian diadem. [No of words = 147]
Answer … Once, a drop of water, while falling into the sea, ruminated on its inconsequential existence in the vast ocean. Just then, an oyster swallowed it. The water drop, embedded in the shell, became a pearl in due course. A diver got it. After changing many hands, it now decorates the Persian crown. [No of words = 52]


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