NCERT English Class X — Frog and the Nightingale notes

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  1. Janet says:

    Its was very much useful…Thank You!

  2. aryan srivastava says:

    really ! it was very helpful !

  3. aafreen says:

    brilliant words uh used fr d explanation! gr8 wrk! tysm!!

  4. Mukul says:

    thanks but do you have question and answers orther than ncert

  5. kowshika says:

    very useful…very good writing!!thank you

  6. GARGI says:

    It was very helpful..thankq sooooooooo much 😀

  7. Nikhil says:

    Thanks u very much it ws so helpful

  8. abhinav says:

    thanks for the detailed explanation

  9. VASU says:

    It is very useful and appreciating

  10. Leenu Kumar says:

    thankyou for detail explaination of the poem

  11. Bhavya says:

    Honestly, if I say these notes are truly amazing and spellbinding.. These are the most precise notes I’ve seen till date for this chapter.. Thank you with all my heart..These helped me a lot to recall My chapter.. Keep it up!! ✌👏

  12. atharva says:

    Nice explanation
    It helped me a lot in understanding the poem. Thanks a lot. Truly i liked is easy to understand

  13. hariyah says:

    very well explained thank you so much Satya 😀

  14. kajal chaudhary 10 B says:

    it was so wonderful. I understood each and every word so nicely. THANKS for the guidance.

  15. shaurya wadehra says:

    the frog calls the bird stupid . is it justified?

  16. Mr.Kuchhal says:

    Okay dude you proved yourself as the best narrator who can explain anything….
    Hat’s off bro
    Appreciable work

  17. Isha says:

    Very well explained thank u soo much

  18. Divyanshi says:

    Thanks a lot sir. Your explanations always work for me.
    I humbly request you yo keep adding the explanations of the chapters of ‘Class 10 NCERT’..
    As they are awesome.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please use even more difficult words so that I do not understand anything

  20. Khushi says:

    It had a lot of new words which was very useful for me. The matter is very good. Thank you!!

  21. Amit says:

    Extremely helpful!!tysm!

  22. Vanshika says:

    It was the only answer I was looking for .
    Thank u

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