How I Taught My Grandmother to Read – by Sudha Murty – Explanation

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8 Responses

  1. titir shegho says:

    I wanted for an commendable analysation but all my expectations in vain

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Sorry to say that your basic English skill needs huge improvement. If you want, we can help you.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I am sorry for that. I suspect you found the vocabulary a little tough. Ifso, you may ask me for additional help.

  2. Manikanta CA says:

    i want to know the kannada version of how i taught my grand mother to read other stories, please let me know the book name…

    Please help me out..

  3. Shaji says:

    any idea how she got her pet name Triveni

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