Letter to Forest Officer from Village Sarpanch

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  1. jeevan says:

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    ! Expected sir/madam .;
    SUBJECT. : cutting large trees ( 50 years-100 years old trees still healthy and very strong)
    The roads of our area have the trees both sides the road . Now in the place of our road …there is sanctioned a new road which is a “national highway 216”
    . Its gives some great joy for some people .
    These trees are nearly 100 years old most of them . Huge and large trees. And they their shadow in all through the road all seasons. Till now so many trees have been cutted off. These trees are besides the road along through nearly 20 kilometers.
    The important notice ia here is that there is an another option to make this road in our town without cutting trees.
    There is place( normal road) which is to make the national highway here itself. There is no larger and big trees besides the road ..but some “”feilds”” . If the government change his way on it (laying 216 national highway) there will be money saving.
    There will be no need to construct a bridge if the national highway is other side( otherside of canal ) .
    Here we have “canal ” in the midst of our road and that other side road .and this side is trees that side are fields. And this road should meet that side road ( and its in the plan of 2016 national highway) . This highway road is turned from our road to that road ( other side road) after some distance..unless its will not reach the destination.
    Our request is that if the government lays the new national highway that side its will be long straight road and no lose of greenery and even money saving.
    And The present road is always used by so many people who do their business with our town . Thousands of people working with this road. And there is some som many villages around our town and the people of the villages come to our town through thia road ( 2016 national highway sanctioned road ) every day for every single need. These all people are get face very very troubles to come to our town by this road which has The large and huge vehicles will run on the road if you allow to make national highway 2016here.
    So please stop cutting trees still what going on. …
    So please take right action immediately and stop cutting trees .sorry for delay information.

  2. Nevin says:

    Please tell me how to write a letter to the forest officer on save wild life


    can you please help me with a letter , in which a 100 year old pine tree is inside our residence, and due to heavy rainfall and wind its almost bend, this tree is about 40-50 inch long. which is almost bend , and needed to be cut down immediately.

  4. asha rani says:

    take strict action those who are cutting plants how the requirment of oxygen will be fulfilled in the coming years the man agenda should be over there to take every step to control the population then automatically trend to cut trees will be diminish so it is difficult during flood season floods spoil the crops trees much more so suggest public means become aware abuut grow more and more trees to get fresh air and oxgen otherwise whole world would come in the grip of disease which of them some are incurable diseases

  5. mercy says:

    Nice one
    it really helped thank u so much
    it saved my life

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