The Last Leaf (O. Henry) — Model questions and answers

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  1. Dipa says:

    thanks a lot for these questions , its help me to clearly answers those questions………thanks

  2. soham says:

    Thanks for the Q/A. the last question about behrman–I think the answer’s a little wrong. Berhman did not fix the painting on the window. He merely drew it. I don’t think one can draw such a realistic painting. Please reply in my mail.
    Thanking you,

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Yes, Soham. You may be right. Berham drew it and Sue fixed it, while Johnsy slept awaiting death. I will read the story again carefully before I amend the answer. As regards a painting not resembling a real leaf, you are possibly mistaken. There is no dearth of painters who can exactly replicate a real object. You need to go to Google images and see the sea of water colours and oil paints there to feast your eyes with such first class paintings. This apart, Johnsy was sick and was sleeping at a distance from the window. Even if the painting differed from the real leaf in some fine aspects, Johnsy could not have discerned the discrepancies through her vision enfeebled by illness.
      Thanks again, Sohan.

  3. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    I think that the answers to the question must be bit small in size.

  4. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    And the painting was being painted by behrmaan and neither it was fixed by behrmaan nor by Sue..He just painted such that it was so real…

  5. Ritty says:

    Thank u. iwish it is easy for students if ansmers of other stories in ICSE SYLLABUS are published

  6. Meher says:

    thank u for the questions and answers because on a few websites only questions r given but in ur post there r answers also

  7. aruna pratab says:

    thank u solo much this helped me to a great extent.

  8. priyanka dey says:

    Thanks for your questions & answers…this helped me for my studies…thanks a lot

  9. It is very helpful for me to teach my eight stndrd. Daughter.

  10. precise answers. good vocabulary used. quite helpful. However, a few more questions could be added.

  11. Anindya says:

    Thanks a lot bro tomorrow is my icse literature exam and this is surely gonna help me a great deal. 🙂

  12. Srijan Pratihar says:

    its an amazing website and it helped me to score 2nd highest in almost every examination. please upload the story “journey by night” and also “The bet” in your site. This help will be appreciated greatly.

  13. Bhumi says:

    After this its very easy for me to understand the story and its massage.. Thank you. So much..

  14. himon baruah says:

    ohh yeah….. so this is the place where teachers get all the questions….. no wonder all the words in the questions are exactly the same

  15. feriha says:

    complete story plz…

  16. prachi says:

    can you give me a bliss book’s question answer

  17. suchisubhra chatterjee says:

    thnk u sir …thnx for helping the students in this way….we r grateful to u…

  18. sanjay says:

    i want the answer for
    sue was sketching the picture of what?

  19. siddhi says:

    hi can u plz post notes of the kabuliwala ,the professor and stopping by woods

  20. methun says:

    very useful.thanks a lot

  21. theofinch11 says:

    Hey, this is some quality stuff here. The Last Leaf’s my favourite text in the syllabus, after The Bet, and it’s refreshing to find answers so sensitively penned and well structured. Much appreciated. Seriously.

  22. Renjini Nair says:

    Thank u so much as it helped me a lot in my exams…It was my favourite chapter and this chapter became very clear for me….

  23. Tiyasha Gupta says:

    Thank you so much… this answers are really very helpful

  24. varshini says:

    It was very helpful thank you sir

  25. Hajrah tanveer says:

    Its good and helps me to prepare my exam in short time 🙂

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