The Last Leaf by O. Henry — Story Analysis

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  1. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    Superb explanation is poised, the stort can be understood very clearly

  2. anukaran says:

    an illustrative exp. But the word meanings for complicated words is needed.

  3. anukaran says:

    its just a phrase, ‘why the streets ran crazy’?

  4. manash ghosal says:

    horrible explanation.

  5. manash ghosal says:

    The explanations should be more precise and accurate.

  6. manash ghosal says:

    Learn to give better explanations.

  7. manash ghosal says:

    when will u learn to give better explanations?. First learn ENGLISH and then give all your stupid explanations, u fool.

  8. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    The explanation is very clear and easy to understand…..

  9. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    Please give the explanations of all the chapters of icse collection of poems and short stories

  10. Anusha.Balotagi says:

    Please send me the links of other chapters to my mail

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I had nearly forgotten about it, Anussha, as I have nearly been inundated by requests. Sorry. I will start doing it from tomorrow.

  11. manash ghosal says:

    anusha,i dont know u but keep ur mouth shut

    • Anusha.Balotagi says:

      Hi idiot if u don’t understand it does not mean that whatever I understand by his explanation that should not be appreciated ok……….first understand it and then later Speak about others…..and u better learn how to speak to a girl rather than learning the story first

  12. manash ghosal says:

    satya prakash, for u it might be easy but for me it is not. u r not here to make urself understand but u r here to make others understand.

  13. Anusha.balotagi says:

    Satya prakash pls post it by tommorow….I have my exam on march 2..or at pls send the links

  14. Rahul Chandra says:

    the explanation couldn’t have been more lucid. the fact that all the minuscule details have been incorporated speaks volumes on the effort and heart that you put into it. remarkably done !!

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you so much, Rahul. Don’t hesitate to ask me for any other help pertaining to English.

  15. Shahana says:

    It would be highly appreciative if you can post the paraphrasing of,”Mrs Packletide’s Tiger”.

  16. Shubhi says:

    Impressive explanation ! Wish to get informations for the other short stories as well as poems of ICSE..

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Send me the list of short stories and poems you want me to write notes/ analyses on. I will try to do them.

  17. Ayushi says:

    Thanks a lot for the helped me a lot.. but i further need your help in english

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thanks Ayushi, I will be quite willing to help you. Just tell me the areas you are weak in. I will give you a plan.

  18. REETIKA says:

    it was really good and could understand much better

  19. Flora says:

    Very nice.It really helped me out
    Thank you sir.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you Flora. Ask me if you need any more help.

      • Flora says:

        Sir,I would like to request you to add on analyses of few more poems of Francis Bacon like “Of Truth,” “Of Travel,” “Of Marriage and Single Life” and on the poems written by Romantic and Victorian Age poets and also 20th century poets.I have a big list sir 🙂 .Am looking out for explanations and it would be of great help :-).

        • Satya Prakash says:

          I will start with Bacon’s essays. Where and in which class do you study? Or, do you teach English?

        • Satya Prakash says:

          Sorry Flora for the long delay in writing the post desired by you. I have posted the second installment of ‘Of Truth’ now. I will complete the rest in a day or two.

  20. Flora says:

    Thank you sir. I am pursuing M.A.Eng.Literature. Am from Telangana. ☺

  21. Saswata Banerjee says:

    Wonderful explanation sir! I thought I noticed a few grammatical mistakes, but the essay covers all the nooks and crannies of the story.

    P.S. This essay is going to be the reason I’ll pass in English Literature 😛

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you Saswata. I will be delighted if you please point out the errors. I will edit them and set them right.

  22. manish says:

    help me please..who told the last line “Ah, darling, it’s Behrman’s masterpiece….the last leaf fell” is it told by Sue or Johnsy?

  23. Nive says:

    tan Q soo much..
    it in deed helped me a lo!!

  24. manash says:

    nice explanation.Please give me the keywordr required to be used in the exams

  25. Vishnu Krishna says:

    Thank you Ji…Very good summary… This would help me for my exam.. Thanks again.

  26. Tejaswi Khetan says:

    Loved the Explanation.Helped me a lot!

  27. priyanka says:

    why has the word colony been highlighted as ‘colony’.what is significance of colony

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Oxford Online Dictionary defines ‘colony’ as
      “A place where a group of people with the same occupation or interest live together”--2.1
      The place where Jhonsy and her friend lived was a hub of wannabe painters, accomplished painters, and those who took to painting as a pastime. Because of such large concentration of artists in the locality, it has been described as a ‘colony’ by the author.

  28. anubhav says:

    Thnx. Very easy to understand.

  29. devanshi says:


    the explanation is really good. the way u have covered even the minutest of details is commendable. i will be giving my icse class 10 boards on march 2 and i just wanted some tips and tricks to score well and a preparation plan or sumthing like that.

  30. Rishav says:

    you have explained it very nicely. it is much easier to understand than the original script thank you very much, this has really helped me.

  31. Koustav Chakraborty says:

    Nice explanations and i found it better than most of the analysis given in the internet. But i have a request. Can you please post the critical appreciation of this story as it is given as a project of cl10 in our school…… i will be grateful to you if you help me.

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thank you Chakroborty. I will write the critical appreciation, but not sure when. There is a long list of to-write items.

  32. saran says:

    thanks .Nice story .but Old Behrmen drink wine (or)votka?

  33. Avishek sharma says:

    Thanks…and owsm stroy…:-)

  34. Tanmay says:

    Amazing suberb awsome i dont have words

  35. Satwika says:

    Thanks sir.May i know where u work? u r a teacher or a English professor? Sir I want to know more about DUTCH ATTICS and 18th century gables. Pls sir

    • Satya Prakash says:

      I am neither a teacher, nor a professor. Just a English enthusiast– a retired IIT graduate.
      Which class are you in? Which stream?
      Also, please type your questions properly and send, so that I can answer them.

  36. Satwika says:

    Sir r there any question and answers based on this?

  37. aman says:

    explanation is fantastic by the way. its superb. i’d like more chapters explanation like
    ->if thou must love me…..Sonnet XIV
    i’d love more art of explanation and i really love you work and you toooo.

  38. Rishika says:

    The passage is really well explained…Easy to understand and is very helpful…😊👍

  39. sanjana says:

    brilliant explanation

  40. Rushda Siddiqui says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a more lucid explanation … this just reflects that you put your best into it.. thank you and well done!!!

  41. Arunima says:

    Awesome explanation!
    It is indeed really helpful.

  42. Gauis says:

    This isn’t a story analysis, it’s a paraphrasing. A glorified synopsis.

  43. Tanmay Shree says:

    A very good explanation

  44. Bhawna says:

    Just two words:
    Soooo good.

  45. junior says:

    Plzzzz give me answer of my question that jow does sue take care of jhonsy? And plzz explained in detail plzzz

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