A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis (paraphrasing)

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57 Responses

  1. sanjay kumar biswal says:

    really it was written in easy&simple
    language ……..like it……

  2. ismaiel says:

    it is really very simple and appreciating thanks!! for helping in my exam

  3. Aryan Tiwari says:

    i liked the underlined words and also the summary

  4. sos g deb says:

    thanks for helping me in my exam

  5. Nitin Nawani says:

    This helped me very much… thnxx

  6. Sultana Begom says:

    Very useful summary

  7. Niket Thakur says:

    Very Very nice………ly explained . Can u give me summary of poem The Brook – Alfred Lord Tennyson……….i request ………….please……….

  8. shifa says:

    Very helpful. Excellent explanation. Keep it up!

  9. surya says:

    it was very useful thanks……………………………………..

  10. avantika says:

    In my text book it doesnt say that chuck had double vision ,pls answer quick

  11. prayag raj says:

    realy nice very easy to read

  12. ayush says:

    Very good thanks

  13. meena says:

    very useful easy to understand and read and i thank you very much my friends

  14. sanchita says:

    very very useful summary..
    Thank u SO MUCH..!!
    can u pls.. help me out with the summary of solitary reaper

    • Satya Prakash says:

      Thanks Sanchita for your appreciation. Which class are you in? I will write ‘Solitary Reaper’ after I hear from you.

  15. Natasha kapoor says:

    could you pls provide the summary for villa for sale paragraphwise .Really i am liking the summaries a lot .very helpful:)

  16. Natasha kapoor says:

    Yes it is from cbse syllabus(Villa for Sale:pg 95 literature reader).

  17. Zaeem abbas mehar says:

    next day was my exam and i do not know any about the the story .
    It helped me

  18. Kity says:

    Very awesome !! I really really love it . I m so helpful in my seminar

  19. kaviya says:

    its really very easy to understand. toooo good

  20. kaviya says:

    too good to understand^- ^

  21. beena says:

    i understood it very clearly

  22. Toshit Jain says:

    A heartily thanks! Helped a lot… Keep it up! Plz provide paraphrasing of class IX Hindi NCERT chapters.

  23. aaaaabbbbbb says:

    very useful….good…..and written in a very simple language..making the paragraph understandable…

  24. Khüshi says:

    Very easy and simple language
    Helps to Learn new word and also to write answers in perfect and suitable words 👍🏻

  25. Ananya says:

    Very nice and it is useful

  26. Sanjana says:

    I think your answers are lucid and very convincing. The choice of words are appreciable and I thank you for providing such a beautiful explanation.

  27. Pushkar says:

    Very nice and very easy to understand

  28. saumyaa says:

    Beautifully explained……helps a lot

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