A Prayer for my Daughter by W. B. Yeats – Analysis

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  1. remya vibin says:

    Its very effective and useful poem. The way you explained the poem is really marvellous. Thank you very much. Its very helpful for us to study

  2. Leland P. Gamson says:

    This is an excellent analysis as well as a review of poetic elements. Author Jeff Lindsey considers this poem one of the best in the English language.

  3. vincy paul says:

    Very Good,Good contribution to the younger generation.

  4. divyanshi sharma says:

    Thnx .. it was really helpful for me …. specially for quoted literary devices … really done a good job

  5. rini anand says:

    thnks a ton…extremely helpful

  6. Stave'z says:

    Thanks a lot, it was really helpful for me not only for my academics but even for my futures,i really like it the way you explained.

  7. Abhishek says:

    Excellent Analysis and thanks it helped me a lot to study about the poem.
    You explained it in a very effective way thanx.

  8. madan sk says:

    Thanks for help….in up load…..

  9. kyr says:

    Thank for helpful to me for reding I understand to solve……..thanks.

  10. Ashok says:

    Really …so much valuble critical appreciation of poem “Prayer for my daughter”

  11. jahid khan says:

    Really it was so easy to understand this lvly poem jst bcz of ur post….

  12. Valentina says:

    Why horn n tree???

  13. rema says:

    glad to have your page for my notes!!!!!!!!!!!, its awesome

  14. kavya says:

    what is plenty’s horn and the tree reference mean ???in stanza 9 for the tree reference

    • Satya Prakash says:

      It is an imaginary horn whose inside is hollow. All the good life-giving things in the world like the choicest juicy fruits are supposed to be there in abundance. No matter, how much you drink this elixir of life, it never gets exhausted.
      In many ways it is equivalent to the mini pot of Amrit that Karna of the Mahabharat wore in his ears. If ever, he fell in the battle field, the Amrit would flow and enter his mouth, so that he could spring back to life.
      I couldn’t understand the second part of your question? I will try to explain it then.

  15. piyumi says:

    This summary is very useful for students

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